February 2023 Reading Plans

February is in full swing and I have been stuck with a book from last month that I just cannot finnish, reading is slow going and I do not know why. Perhaps we wil be seeing Salty return soon… Here is what I am looking at reading this month. Currently Reading: While I was pretty […]

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January 2023 Recap

So that was January already… Seriously, the longest month of the year flew by like it wants it to be 2024 already… While I wanted to be more active on WP this past month I saw again that my priorities lie a bit different. I did get some reading done though. I got through 6 […]

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New Books…

Well, I made it this far without getting new books… To be fair though, I never made a post of them when I got them in December, so here goes: The first two books are NetGalley ARCs. I would like to extend my thanks to the people involved with the permissions to review the books […]

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