WeWo- For You

Hello everyone! Yes, I made it safe to The Netherlands. No, it did not take me a week to do so (although the trip felt like a year), I have been a bit busy since I touched down. The missus and I have been getting things in order for us to move into our flat. […]

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One step closer Update!!!

Good day everyone, I know I know, I missed another WeWo yesterday… I have a very good reason for it tho. Monday I left for Cape Town to go and help my older brother with getting his visa ready. He and my mom will be flying over in March for Milou @simplyabookdrunkardblog and my wedding. […]

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WeWo – Page

Hello and welcome to another instalment of Wednesday Wordsday, where I share a poem or poetry attempt from back  in the day when I still wrote often. I would like to write more instead of less everyday, but it seems the creative mojo has all dried up… Today I share a poem that I wrote […]

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