Atlas Infernal – Rob Sanders

Inquisitor Bronislaw Czevak is a hunted man. Escaping from the Black Library of the eldar, Czevak steals the Atlas Infernal – a living map of the Webway. With this fabled artefact and his supreme intellect, Czevak foils the predationsof the Harlequins sent to apprehend him and thwarts his enemies within the Inquisition who want to kill him. Czevak’s deadliest foe, however, is Ahriman – arch-sorcerer of the Thousand Sons. He desires the knowledge within the Black Library, knowledge that can exalt him to godhood, and is willing to destroy the inquisitor to obtain it. A desperate chase that will bend the fabric of reality ensues, where Czevak’s only hope of survival is to outwit the chosen of Tzeentch, Lord of Chaos and Architect of Fate. Failure is unconscionable, the very cost to the Imperium unimaginable.

It has taken me about four years to finaly feel like I had enough knowledge within the Warhammer universe to read this book (yes it has sat on my shelf for that long hoping to be opened…) and to my surprize I never had any reason to fear of being lost. Yes you might need some background of certain aspects regarding the multitude of backgrounds the characters hail from( lets see: The Inquisition, Chaos, Eldar, Adeptus Mechanicus, Imperium of Man), but Rob did an outstanding job of  easing one (me…) into it all.

Atlas Infernal is a book about a book mapping the webways Eldar use to get around with their knowledge of webways and such. Obviously it is highly sought after. Inquisitor Bronislaw Czevak (what a name to try pronounce out loud…) gets invited by Eldar to go study the books within the Black Library of Chaos. He ends up stealing said Atlas for safe keeping bringing down a collossal chain of events. Not only is he being hunted by pissed of dancing Librarians, but also his fellow Inquisition, Chaos traitor legion the Thousand Sons and his best friend Klute(not exactly hunting him ,but has been searching for Czevak for quite some time), everyone wants a piece of him…

This book takes place in a lot of places, each one a unique setting, from traversing the unknown Eye of Terror, being mind raped on the traitors battle barge, hijacking the Inquisition on their own top secret base, to all out space battles including some deamon purging (Emperror preserve us!).

Atlas also brought with a cast of good characters, some I liked, some I hated (looking at you Czevak!), some realy intrigued me. It also included a strong female presance and I liked seeing them included on such an epic adventure.

There is so much going on in this book to write a coherent report about. If you are a Warhammer fan and into fighting in space and escaping from reality, this book is up your ally, if not, thank you for taking time to read.

Have a good day.

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