White Wolf- David Gemmel


Skilgannon the Damned had vanished from the pages of history. Following the terrible triumph at Perapolis, the General had taken the legendary Swords of Night and Day and ridden from the lands of Naashan. No-one knew where he had gone, and the assassins sent by the Witch Queen could find no trace of his passing.

Three years later, as a mob intent on murder gathers outside a distant monastery, they are faced by a single unarmed priest. In a few terrifying seconds their world is changed for ever, and word spreads across the lands of the East.

Skilgannon is back.

Now he must travel across a perilous, demon-haunted realm seeking a mysterious temple, and the ageless goddess who rules it. With assassins on his trail, and an army of murderous foes ahead, the Damned sets off on a quest to bring the dead to life. But he does not travel alone.

The man beside him is Druss the Legend.

Oh dear, this is going to be a tough one…

White Wolf was my second venture into a book written by a fantacy “Legend” (R.I.P David Gemmel). Skilgannon was a troubled man, he followed a queen he loved and helped come into power, she sent him on a quest to do some realy bad things that would forever brand him as “The Damned”, which ultimately caused him to tell her he was done following her. Skilgannon also loved his wife dearly, but she died. So he sets out on a quest to find a Temple that is rumoured to be able to bring back the dead, no biggy…

Big biggy for me tho is that I only found this out near page 150 after reading countless flashbacks which added nothing to the pace of the story whatsoever. We find some mysterious, tattooed, blue eyed priest struggeling with his acts of faith, doing naked yoga on the church rooftop on stormy nights. Obviously this is our hero… Certain events set him on the path of not being a priest any more and finaly we get a bit traveling done.

I had a few problems with this book… It wasnt shit, but it wasn’t the best I have read so far, yes David’s first book, Legend was way better, but almost 20 years later, surely the skill in writing should’ve improved rather than been seen as boring? This is just me… Also when the word love is being flaunted around, as in you loved 2 women, 1 which is hunting you for your sword(literally he had two “amazing” swords…), which you cant ever stop thinking about and 1 woman of which you carry a piece of hair and and a bone in a locket around your neck, in the hope of resurecting the one you “truely” loved, don’t go fucking some “pretty” insane girl, fucking you cause she hates you (then again, she might have been possesed…fuuuck…).

Anyway, I gave White Wolf a 3 out of 5 on Goodreads, seeing as the premise of the story as a whole was oke, but the execution of it was done poorly (in my opinion). Getting to executions (uuuuugh), what the actual fuck am I supposed to do with a sentance going something like this: “…two soldiers rushed at Skillgannon, they died.”, I know this is fantacy and all, but Shem’s balls, give me at least something better to work with, imagination wise…

I am going to stop here, I enjoyed some parts of the book but not all. I would recomend it to people who already know about the setting and all things Drenai.

I read this book together with my fiancée, you can check out her review over here.

Hope everyone has a good day.

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