Overfiend – David Annandale

++ For too long has the Ork empire of Octarius festered like a wound within the heart of the Imperium, for too long its so-called “Overfiend” sat upon his throne on a world that is mankind’s by devine right. For too long have we focused on other threats and allowed these green devils to thrive. No more!

Today we strike back. The White Scars, The Raven Guard and The Salamanders stan as brothers against thos threat, alongside the brave men and women of The Imperial Guard. Together we will tear the heart from the Overfiend and cast his empire unto dust. Together we will exterminate the Greenskins and ensure that their legacy of evil dies here.

Together, we will return Octarius to the Emperror’s light. Warriors of Chogoris, of Deliverance, of Nocturne, soldiers of the Imperial Guard, servants of the Imperium- To battle! To Victory!++

++ Address by Temur Khan of the White Scars prior to the commencement of the Octarius Crusade, 999.M41++

Well now, all that being said, I cant come up with a clever way to introduce my review to the readers today. Appart from in the voice of a ork Warboss going something like this: ” Oi!, humey, I is da boss and deze here iz me boyz! Prepare to be torn a new anus, le’ss get em booooyz! Waaaaaaaaaaagggggh!!!
Something like that…

Overfiend was a good read and I must say, it took me long to finnish due to me being back at work. It was page upon page packed with action. I also believe this was a collection of shorts that fit into one another. This was my first book written by David Annandale and in my opinion he did an outstanding job. I thought I could review the books separate cuase i like their covers on google.

Stormseer follows the chapter of the White Scars of Chogoris, I have not come accross or read alot of them before, but it was a welcome read for me. It showed me just enough of the workings and how they function as a chapter of the Space Marines. It also introduces us to the start and a little explanation as to why we are reading about Octarius. Unlikely alliances are formed and needed to be formed to fight the massive horde that is the Orks.

Shadow Captain followed the chapter of the Raven Guard, I have read a small amount mentions here and there of this chapter and was surprised that not only were they a jetpack-bound assault squad based chapter, but also masters of stealth, very refreshing. We also have them fighting alongside the known unlikely alliance and find out there is a reason the Orks are so different from what we know.

Forgemaster was the one story where I had some background on a chapter, due to me finishing the Salamanders omnibus a few years ago. I loved how David took me back there with a bit of back flashing. This book took place in space other than the previous books and it was great. We also conclude the collection at the end of this story, but not quite, as I felt there was more to come after finishing the epilogue.

Overfiend was a story of war, of battle, of standing together in evident overwhelming odds. I gave it 4 out of 5 on Good Reads and I would recommend it to people looking for all out war. Followers of the White Scars, Raven Guard, Salamanders. People who want to see how clever and brutal an Ork horde can be. What else could one ask for? Heavy infantry battles? Psykers? Betrayal? Deff Dreads? Choppa’s? Ork battle wagons?… Awsome art in the middle of the book? Holy Terra!

You got it…

Till next time.

7 thoughts on “Overfiend – David Annandale

      1. Both, actually. I like that you keep on chugging away and writing your reviews and I like the reviews because it gives me a framework in the WH universe.

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      2. Keep at it πŸ˜€
        I’m sure your fiance appreciates seeing you write as well. A man who can express himself in words, and not just “grunts” is invaluable…

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