Crusaders of Dorn- Guy Haley

++ No matter the luarels of vitory, no matter the glories others may seek, we are Space Marines, The Adeptus Astartes, The Angels of Death! And more than this… We are The Black Templars. Victory is its own reward.++

High Marshal Helbrecht

After a rousing speech as that one I really thought I was gonna be in for quite the ride. I was a bit disappointed to be honest…
Crusaders of Dorn is a novel (if it can be called that) made up of seven short stories. If it was meant to be a continuation or, if it was meant too, kind of fit together, was not clear to me. I am going to attempt to give a short synopsis of each story to try and make sense of it all.

Some pictures I found in the middle of my book.👆👇

  1. Circle of Honour- We follow neophyte Brusc on his short journey to become part of the Sword Brethren…
  2. The Black Pilgrims- A space hulk adventure with some genestealers…
  3. Helbrecht: The Crusader- The High Marshal delivers a speech  four pages long. Part of it is also where the book blurb comes from.
  4. The Uncanny Crusade- Somewhere in a place called the Ghoul Stars our friends encounter an enemy I have not yet heard of in Warhammer, called Cythor fiends, this story was very vague…
  5. The Glorius Tomb- Propably my favourite short of the whole collection. We get a first hand recollection of what goes on inside a Dreadnuaght called Invictus Potens.
  6. Only Blood- Part of the Templars is tasked to defend a human settlement on Armageddon, Orks feature and a battle seems to follow soon.
  7. Season of Shadows- Takes place after the events of Only Blood, our friends encounter trouble with more orks as they escort the human convoy. When a dust storm arises, they find a cave and take refuse, or do they….?

So there we have it, I tried not to spoil too much, but then again the book was too vague in general for me not to. So in certain cases I could be doing everyone a service. I initially read this cause I thought it was going to give me a glimpse as to what it means to be a “Chosen Son of Rogal Dorn”, it did not work out that way sadly. Along with this and my previous read of Seventh Retribution I feel I kind of know enough now for my next Space Marines Battles novel: Malodrax, its a Imperial Fists novel, so we will see how it goes.

Hope this Wednesday finds everyone in good health.

“Praise be”

2 thoughts on “Crusaders of Dorn- Guy Haley

    1. This was especialy the case, one moment the guy is fair faced initiate the next he has been in service for 500 years with a scorched face that never happened or got explained how…

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