Malodrax- Ben Counter

Held prisoner for years at the hands of the Iron Warriors, Captain Darnath Lysander returns to the world of Malodrax with the Imperial Fists Chapter at his shoulder to exact revenge on his one-time captors. What bargains did he make to escape the world that had become his goal and to what lengths will he go to keep those pacts veiled from his battle brothers? 

Welcome to Malodrax, welcome to the shithole far away from the Emperium…(my words, they don’t feature anywhere in the book).

Malodrax was a surprisingly good read. I have had this book for almost a year and have been putting of from reading cause I had no previous knowledge about the Imperial Fists and Iron Warriors. It turns out you don’t have to have a lot of knowledge going into this novel, because Ben Counter did an outstanding job of filling in the gaps. I am glad that I read Crusaders of Dorn and Seventh Retribution before tho. What Counter also did well was building Malodrax up with words that painted a pretty nasty picture. I don’t want to go have a vacation there…

In this book you will once again be introduced to Chaos and all that is evil, while trying to figure out what the fuck is going on. The story had three or four four different threads and could’ve easily been made up of 3 short stories, each to their own. What astounds me is that Ben combined it all together and that it all fit so well. Each chapter had a small kind of foot note taken from the pages of a book our hero finds while trying to escape Malodrax. You had the story of how Lysander and friends got stuck on the planet, you had Lysanders trek through the planet, trying to escape. Then you had the return of the Imperial Fists a thousand years later (time in the Warp is a bit tricky…), and the vengeance they bring with them.

There was, once again, quite a few daemons and overlords and consorts of Chaos to take care of before going up the main badass Kreagan Thul:👇🏻

I took this picture of the interwebs seeing as my picture in the book refused to be taken (Badass or what?)

Malodrax taught me a few new things. I got to read a bit about two of the main Primachs: Rogal Dorn who the Imperial Fists looked up to and Perturabo who the Iron Warriors followed. I read of how Chaos  could turn even The Emperror’s finest weapons into corrupted beings. I read about gruesome tortures visited upon the crew. I also got to visit the inside workings of a Chaos siege engine. Epic!

I gave Malodrax a 5 out of 5 and in my opinion it was well deserved. I finished it in about a week’s time due to being booked of sick from work (pun intended😋). I highly recommend people who follow the Imperial Fists and Iron Warriors to read this one. I also recommend it for people who want to know Chaos a little better (Emperor forgive me…). Let Ben Counter give you the down low (pun intended).

Hope everyone has a great day.

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