Around the World in 80 days- Jules Verne


I copy and pasted this image aswell as Wiki’s description of this novel due to the fact that Goodreads spoils the whole story basicaly in their “book description”. If this is a infringement from the Internet powers that be, I do not inted to make money of of my reviews and I dont make money of of my reviews anyhow. If it is a problem, contact me and I will gladly change this post. P.S: Wiki’s cover looked better than any generic book cover I Googled to put up as the face of this post. 

Around the World in Eighty Days (French: Le tour du monde en quatre-vingts jours) is a classic adventure novel by the French writer Jules Verne, published in 1873. In the story, Phileas Fogg of London and his newly employed French valet Passepartout attempt to circumnavigate the world in 80 days on a £20,000 wager (the approximate equivalent of £2 million in 2016) set by his friends at the Reform Club. It is one of Verne’s most acclaimed works.

I did this as a buddy read with my fianceé over at (simplyabookdrunkard), please feel free to check out her blog.

Herewith follows MY opinion about this book:

80 Days (in my case 80 Fails) around the world started of great, but ended up steamrollering me into this here semi- if not very negative review. I am angry not becuase this was a shitty book, it was great infact, I mean for the time it was written in.

We humans did not have the technology we have today, I was happy to read about the modes of transport and how the boat-and train industries were just starting out.  What I wouldve like to read about more tho is how things were paid for, quick example: Fog leaves town with A fucktonne of cash, the rest of this book was all just set in pounds value. How did it work back then? Where did one exchange money? Fog just magicaly opened a bag and produced dollars in America and had currency to buy an Eliphant in India, how!?

It was frustrating for me to read how easy it was for this guy to get around so easily, even with a “beautifull” Indian native and a French servant also a member of the Scotland Yard who happend to be on the same journey as them and he had no problem paying for them all, fuck I barely make it back to work each month the way costs have skyrocketed in my country. I know this book is old, but this makes me feel so dumb and inferrior right now, we have all the technology we can have and yet I struggle to get to my fianceé who sits 10000 kilomets away from me.

I guess I took this book too seriously and just found out I am not good with loves stories in general. It pissed me of and I am sorry for making Jules look like a dick, I am the dick that got jealous reading how easy things can be when one is rich and at the same time timid and boring.

I did not like Fog he was a boring yet well mannered gentelman. I wouldve liked at least one swearword somewhere when the going got tough, but instead he was always calm and collected. There is no greater feeling on this world for me than saying “Forfucksakes!!!” when a plan of mine ended up not working out, just that little bit of release of emotion. (There are probably a lot more things more theraputic than that…)

I loved Passepertout the servant’s anxiousness at the same situations, he was the exact opposite of Fog and it was entertaining.

Fix was clever and cunning

Aouda was “raidiantly beautiful”

I gave this book a 3 out of 5 on Goodreads. I apologize to Mr Verne for my shitty review. It was an amazing book, I just wasnt in the right frame of mind when reading this. Im going out now to try find my happy place.

Good day

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