We are going to get Married!

This might not be book related, but I feel the need to talk about the next chapter in my life and there happens to be something very special in the way of a book being brought into it. 

So last year on the 5th of November me and my fianceé went to watch Docter Strange (we do read Marvel and DC comics from time to time), normal night out, but I already had some idea in mind about doing the one knee thing for my lovely. I had been looking for the right moment to do so, but was running out of time, seeing as my girl (never realy called her that, but lets just go with it for the time being…) came to visit me for six weeks in South Africa. I had basically just started a new job and did not get to see her as much as I wanted to (I work 7 days a week from 7:30 till 17:00). When getting home we only had a few hours together. The night of Docter Strange (we are both quite big Cumberbitches…) was about a week before she had to return to The Netherlands where she lives.

I cannot remember if we ate before or after we went to see the movie, I cant even remember what we ate. All I know was that I wanted to bend the knee and offer her my eternal servidute and love for as long as I still have left on this earth. On the half hour drive back home to where I live (place is called Mosselbay) there is a place along the road where people can stop during the day (or at night if you feel brave enough…)to take a break and look out over the town. She asked me to stop cuase she wanted to take a picture. I took my time following her out of the car, still trying to figure out how I was going to do this. It was nothing special, I had no candles packed, no table cloth organized, no romantic dinner plans… My heart was racing and I was sweating buckets. We sat and looked out over the Bay, held hands, hugged a bit and kissed a bit (it had been a tough few weeks on us mentaly and we prolonged our trip home for a while). After the picture below was taken we were on our way back to the car. Before we got back into my car for the last bit of the trip I told Milou (my girl has a name…) to wait, that I wanted to give her a present before we got home ( no, not that kind of present!🙈 ). My knees at this time was a conglomeration of  freaked out nerves trying to balance on stumps of jelly. What knee was I supposed to get on? What was that three page speach I had been preparing even before Milou came to South Africa for the last couple of weeks?

So the “present” I got out from under the seat of the car…

As I was giving it to her (again not that kind of present😋) my tongue got stuck in my throught, it was thick as if a bee might have stung it, I couldnt say the prepared speach I had been working on for so long, my hands were shaking and slick with nerve sweat (I know very romantic this one…) and I tried my best to get all the words out of speach. This is how I had it planned:

Dear Milou,

Today I give you this book as a token of my gratitude for the love and devotion you have showed me over the last couple of years (I couldnt remember if it was 3 or 4 at the time of writing the speachy thing so went with couple, I know, how romantic is this guy?). Edge of Eternity should, or at least, I want it to signify the love I have for you. I would even go as far as to say Over the Edge and Beyond, but I dont want to sound like a Buzz Lightyear catchfrase stealer. Please would you do me the honour and be my wife? 

The next part was about destroying the “present” I was about to give to her:

As much as it kills me to be doing this to a brand new book (I basicaly bought it a few weeks ago for the purpose intended, the fact that its name was fitting for the situation and that it was the right thickness was a blessing…), I did it cuase I know how much books mean to you. I also know how much you mean to me. I would commit bad book genocide if only I knew it would please you. Please dont hate me. I love you and I wanted it to be a surprise, but I am not good at those…

In the end, I ended up saying nothing of what was written down. I gave it in her hands, she kissed me. It is then, when I asked her with shaking hands to open the cover as I slowly went down on my knee. Now, the knee on which I went down on, legs shakingly, happend to be my right knee, its the one with a broken kneecap. As much as it hurt I wanted to let her know that I was willing to do anything for her. Thinking back to the speach I wrote down, I merely blurted out, “Milou Breedveld, would you marry me?”. I think this was about the same time as she got to the middle of the book where my masterplan was hidden…

Further along the speach would have gone something like: 

This ring, the Double Knot ring, is to signify our lives intertwining. It is a symble of the unity I want the two of us to have, the bond between us that will bind the two of us together… 

But I never got to that part, I was on my knee, she was in tears (I was hoping it was of joy, it was…), she helped me up called me an idiot or something then said ofcourse she would!! By this time both our hearts were racing and we hugged and smiled all the way home. I hope this story does justice to how we got engaged.

Her ring I got from a company called House of Kallie, it is situated here in S.A. When I saw it advertised on their Facebook page I got into contact with them and it less than a week to deliver it to my door. It is made out of sterling silver. Milou is not the kind of woman that realy wears any jewelry. She made me understand looong before I got this ring that she doesnt give a shit about gold.The ring on my finger used to be my dads. I inherited it after he passed away from cancer in 2011. It is a titanium ring with a thin line of gold.

Milou and I have spent the last 3 years trying to figure out and organise how to get married, cuase getting married abroad and me being South African has had a lot of bumps. We found out last week, after about 10 weeks more of sending forms back and fort,that our application to be recognized as a couple has been approved!!!!

So heres to us, new chapter in our life hopefully starting soon.🥂

If my blog goes a bit into quiet mode I ask just a little patience. I am currently organising everything I have here to be sorted out before I leave for The Netherlands for good this time. I will try update my steps as we go along this exiting and equaly stressfull journey we are now upon.


20 thoughts on “We are going to get Married!

  1. Awww thanks for sharing! Almost made me tear up a little haha!
    Congratulations to you two!! I hope you won’t have to do lots of paperwork to live together. I just went through the whole process of becoming a resident of Australia through my aussie partner. Way too much stress 😦 but it all worked out in the end!

    Love the idea of the ring in the book, thats so cool!

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