The Blue Blazes- Chuck Wendig


Tonight my fellow Wordaholics, I will not be including the book blurb of Blue Blazes. The blurb on the back is a total missleading thing and I got a bit angry becuase I couldn’t find the most fitting intro… 

Chuck Wendig wrote a Urban Fantacy that I have been listening to this past month while driving too and from work everyday. My lovely fianceé shared her Audible account with me and I must say, this one might have topped even the previous book I “read” on it. This was my first Chuck novel aswell as Urban Fantacy. It was one hell of a ride. Also, how awsome is that cover art?

The story revolves mostly but not entirely around Mookie Pearl. Who has been working for “The Organization” for most part of his life. He is visited by his duaghter Nora (who hates him dearly) a little while before he has to go to a meeting that “The Boss” set up. Nora tells him things are going to change real soon and that Mookie should start looking at maybe retireing or finding a different line of work. “Boss’ ” grandson is found killed in the most gruesome way and Mookie, being built like a brick shithouse, gets to be the accused. Who did it if not Mookie? Our story takes of from there and boy, what a story it is…

Wendig did a great job at keeping me entertained with the rich descriptions and enviroments within New York city (and below). There was enough imagination to go around and the fantacy within was very well thought out. There were deamons, goatmen, snake people, goblins (or gobbo’s if you want to be politically correct…), and even magic in the form of different types of drugs. Now, I do not condone the use of drugs in general, but within this story it fit so well with the story. Characters were well developed and this story kept on building up to a great ending.

At the start of each chapter we read a extract from some lost guide to the underworld of NY written by one John Atticus Oakes, self proclaimed “cartographer” of the Depths. This was so brilliantly done and helped clear out a lot of wtf moments within Blue Blazes, believe me, there were quite a lot of those moments (each one a great wtf…). 

The fact that the narrator on audible; Patrick Lawlor, was so invested in getting the voices down for each character also helped with my enjoyment of the story. He did an outstanding job. I could see the story take place in my mind without having to read along. 

I would recommend this to any fans of Mr Wendig aswell as those who would like to know, like I didnt, what Urban Fantacy is all about. I gave this a 5 out of 5 on Goodreads and certainly have gained a new author to be on the look out for when visiting bookstores in future. 

Go on, give it a try…

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