Happy Halloween! 👻

I stole the pic of the carved pumpkin from my fianceé due to me never ever having carved a thingy (we as South Africans do not realy celebrate this day…). The picture of Death was taken at the Harry Potter expo we went to earlier this year. Quite glad it came out pretty well!

Like the title says, I hope everyone had a great Halloween! I skipped out this year as there were some other stuff happening in my life at the time. Being the day that it was yesterday, I thought I would share some personal horror with those that feel like reading some randomness, aswell as talking about our wedding.

So, last night was my final working day at the place where I have been working for the last year. I quit my job in preparation for my next step in getting out of South Africa and into The Netherlands. I find it pretty nerve wrecking cuase I have no idea about the milions of small details that still needs to be taken care of before I leave in January.

I will be moving down to my mom for the next few months so as to be closer to the city where I need to take care of things regarding my visa and other things aswell. What I am most afraid of here is if I will be able to afford most of the stuff needing to be taken care of and if I will be able to find a temporary job for the duration of my stay in S.A.

Our wedding is set for the 16th of March 2018. This fact has me pissing my pants a little… I have never seen myself as a person who was ever going to get married, but it has happened and I am happy. Its taken us nearly four years to get to this point in our lives. I realy dont want to cock it all up…

I got my love a ring😬! Oke, thats not realy scary but I was stressing a lot about it. I will be elaborating more on that subject on the 5th of November, bare with me…

So appart from everything that I do not yet know these were the things pestering my month of October. Its been a pretty bussy month for me and my reading has suffered the most for it. Who else gets a bit of depressed when they under perform in their reading?

Here is a pic of me and my fianceé at a celebration last year. We won a prize, not becuase we were best dressed, but the people who saw us saw we had a pretty good time together.

Hope every one has a great day🎃

8 thoughts on “Happy Halloween! 👻

  1. leaving in January? Man, that’s not long at all. I’d be freaking out as well!

    My only question is, are you prepared for the culture shock? You’re moving to a different country, getting married, probably getting a new job. All within half a year. Those are huge changes and to pile them up like that? My personal recommendation would be to see a marriage counselor BEFORE getting married so you can vent about the move and how it has affected you and be prepared for what marriage is bringing 😀


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