Lordess of The Rings…

Today on this 5th of November (the only way I will always remember remember) we celebrate our first official anniversary. I thought it would be a nice thing to let the readers know of our next step towards our wedding day. We will be marching to our heartbeats on the 16th of March 2018.

If I happen to be commiting an act of herecy by showing every one the ring I got for the one who commands my heart, then so be it… Luckily I got permission to do so from Her Highness. Behold Her Presious:

Aint it lovely? To tell the story of how it came into being, I will have to flash back to about a month ago (insert that tune they use in sitcoms to initiate the flashback). 

We had just found out that the “Gemeentehuis” (Town Hall if I am not mistaken) finaly got back to us about our application to get married. You see, me not being from The Netherlands involves a fck tonne of red tape and paperwork aswell as permissions from whoever feels they should add their three cents to the situation. It has caused many a fight between fianceé and me, due to the fact that I can’t understand the fact that we want to be together, but the world is working against us.

Anyhow, this aint the story about those times, this is the story of Precious. I was looking into some ring designs for a few weeks prior to the permission being granted but could find nothing I thought she would like. Lucky for me, my fianceé sent me a picture of a ring she particularly fancied.

That ring is quite something as well… So now I knew what she would like at least. I contacted a few jewelers and asked if it could be done here in S.A (I wanted to surprise her with something I had my hand in helping being made you see…). Turned out most people were too bussy to take on something like this and I was back to stressing my nuts of.

I do have this great friend tho who offered to help me out. I’ve either forgotten I have such friends or I was too proud to ask for help. I also have to say a big thank you to Logan for this beauty. But in the end this is the result we now have:

Where the other one she saw was more vine type off thing this one we made is more tree trunky. The ring signifies and identifies with her realy well. Seeing as she graduated her Masters Degree in Biology, this ring not only signifies that, but we both love books and where do the old fashioned books come from my people? Yes, you guessed it, Trees! We will be incorporating a lot of bookish typed things within our wedding, more on that later tho…

I do hope the ring will fit, I went on the same size as when I got her engadgement ring. The ring is also made out of sterling silver (she is not a gold loving, diamond hungry person…  She has told me already that she loves it. That made me real happy to know, that feeling of accomplishment, its important to me as I do not have the greatest view of myself always.

So, who likes the ring? Let me hear your thoughts in the comments.

Have a great day!

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