WeWo- She

Good day everyone, my Wednesday Wordsday is a bit late today, due to the fact that I have just gotten back from my shift. I have been working since the start of December at a beach bar called The Sea Shack. I’ve been dealing with a looooot of drunken people, old, young, under aged/taking chances etc etc. I have also been privillaged to see a lot of the people I grew up with, seeing as I do this in the town where I grew up in.

Due to work and me being around family and all these people, I have not spent a lot of time talking to my fianceè. She is 10000 kilometers away from me in The Netherlands. I want to dedicate this poem to her and also take the time to say: ” Milou, I love you, I am sorry for the way things have turned out these last couple of months, I am going to make it all up to you soon as I see you, I am hoping this is but a small start.”

A little back story to this poem, it was written around 5 years ago, not long after I texted for the first time that I loved her, I may have it wrong, but this is the way I remember it. I had gone through a huge change in my life, my dad recently passed away, I was not happy with my life and I just met this beautifull piece of sunshine that left shortly after and lived just soooo far away. Milou, even back then I didnt even expect things would turn out the way they have. You have stuck with me through good and bad and you have always been there, been  the one I could talk to, talk with, be who I am and not have to pretend who I am not. You are all I could ever ask for… We are getting married next year! Here is to you, here is to us.

Hope you enjoy!


Once Again,
I pick up my pen,
I’m tired, twisted,
yet, unable to resist it.

Nothing has happend, nothing went wrong.
A new beginning gives way to old feelings gone…
There’s a piled up rockslide,
that will not tumble, as long as she is by my side.

Inside, the beast
hibernates, it will sleep
and not awaken,
untill this season’s steps will be taken…

I put my pen down now,
I have found rest, somehow…
She stands beside me.
Hatered had me blinded, but she helps me see…

Hope everyone has a good day.

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