The Doom of Dragonback- Gav Thorpe

With the War of Vengeance over, the dwarfs of the Old World have begun to rebuild their empire. But they have been drastically weakened by their conflict with the elves, and as great earthquakes tear the mountains asunder, enemies old and new descend upon the dwarf holds. To the west, in the Dragonback Mountains, the dwarfs of Ekrund think themselves safe from the threats faced by their eastern cousins.

They are wrong.

As green skins march into their realm in terrifying numbers and war beckons, the Angbok clan and their fellows must fight to save everything they hold dear…

Do you like Dwarves? Would you like to read about some of the characteristics of the Dwarves within Warhammer? Would yu like to learn some Dwarfish insults? Know how they like their beer? Do you like beer? (I know I do…might have gained a few pounds reading this novel…) Would you like to see that a female can also play an important role within the warhammer world? Yes? Well then my friends, you will be in for a treat…

The Doom of Dragonback: Fall of Ekrund has been quite a journey for me. It took me well over a month to read, but it was December and Decembers are always a problem month for me reading wise. This novel was extremely sad, yet the bleakness was substituted from time to time by the dwarves’ sense of humour and their sturdy determination to kick as much ass before going down. I got to read about battles with wyverns, orcs, goblins, night goblins, orc shamen riding wyverns, goblins on spiders (actually had a dream about this one, love it when a book makes me dream), goblins on wolfback to name but a few. The book spoke about the War of Vengeance, I have not read that yet, but this novel can easily be read as a stand alone.

The Angboks are but one clan of Dwarves that had dealings in “Dragonback”. It was interesting to see where they all came from and where they went. I particularly liked the main girl Haldora’s grandfather Skraffi, he always brought some form of light to all the darkness. He also made me miss the taste of honey in beer, it was quite profound. Of the story I do not want to say too much without giving a lot away. What I would like to say is that the Dragonbacks is the mountain range where the dwarves mostly lived or made a living, Ekrund was but one of the many holds within it. I read a lot of the different places within The Dragonbacks and it was a breath of fresh air. This was my first dealing with the dwarves of the Warhammer setting apart from Gotrek and Felix and it was well written in my opinion. I wrote down some quotes I thought I would share to give some light as to the general feeling of the book.

“There are many famous Dwarf ales and many renowned brewers, but the name of Josef Bugman stands as a paragon of quality. His family originally came from the Dragonback Mountains. The tale of Josef and his ancestors is one of hardship and loss, and from their story comes the ancient Dwarf phrase “There is no beer as bitter as its history.”

“She was a dwarf and a dwarf did not complain about physical hardships. The rarely complained about anything, except the weather, prices, thin ale, beardlings, green skins, elves and cold stew… and each other”

“We leave at first light and take nothing we don’t need”, he said sternly. “If you can’t take it, spoil it, I am not having green skins eating our grain and drinking our beer”. “You mean we’re leaving the beer?”, Flein looked more appalled by this idea than the notion of a hundred thousand orcs falling upon them in the night. “All of it?”

“This aint glory or death time, its time to wear our beards straight and make the right choices.”

“Did I not hear earlier today about the astounding feats of Skraffi Angbok during the War with the elves? In particular the slaughter of seventeen of their finest sword masters in one battle?”, asked the king. “I had a hangover your majesty and was not best pleased to be woken so roughly…”

Needless to say, I gave this book a 4 out of 5 on GR, there was a bit of a love story in here that mildly annoyed me, but not enough to screw up the whole story for me. It has also been my first encounter with this kind of love within Warhammer and I am really glad that it is the way it is. I would recommend this to anyone interested in seeing things from the dwarf’s perspective, anyone that would like to know the mountainside of Warhammer.

I hope you have a good day.





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