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Hello and welcome to another instalment of Wednesday Wordsday, where I share a poem or poetry attempt from back  in the day when I still wrote often. I would like to write more instead of less everyday, but it seems the creative mojo has all dried up…

Today I share a poem that I wrote as a kind of welcome note (I have always wanted to publish my own little book of verse, but still not been able to find the right person/time to go through what is good or what is shit) to my work as a whole. It was an attempt to try explain how things got written but I am not sure if it ever would get across. You can decide and let me know in the comments. Thank you for taking the time to read…

(Footnote: This poem is nearly 11 years old… Bare with me…)


The page of vulnerability
the space that shows my mental stability.
For others the indication of stupidity…
You can’t change history
you can’t predict the future,
you cannot control the things hurting me,
it’s nature
just accept everyone.
Respect their individuality…


Hope everyone had a good day.

15 thoughts on “WeWo – Page

      1. Hehe we’re a bit of garage band but we love making and recording music. If I were to use your words I would ask permission first of course. We have a song called Stumpp that one of my blog buddies “ifnitedmoth” told me a story about so we made it into a song.

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