One step closer Update!!!

Good day everyone, I know I know, I missed another WeWo yesterday… I have a very good reason for it tho. Monday I left for Cape Town to go and help my older brother with getting his visa ready. He and my mom will be flying over in March for Milou @simplyabookdrunkardblog and my wedding. Tuesday was the appointment and we were sent from point A to C to Z more times than I can count. His papers are in at least and we should know if the application was successful in a few days. My mom I will be trying to assist when I am in The Netherlands. Yesterday was spent packing and repacking and despairing, because I might have to leave a few books here… Today I am busy setting up permissions and authorisation for mom to deal with some stuff that I wont be able too when I am on the other side. I am also setting up a testament for incase some really shitty event might befall me (doomsday prepper that I am…).

I fly tomorrow! I can’t wait to be with Milou, we have waited quite a while now for this day to arrive and it is almost finally here. I thought I might take this time to talk about a few things.

For those new to the blog, I am quite new still to the blogging community. I have been doing it for less than a year and  have really enjoyed it thus far. Some time last year I started Metal Monday after I read a fellow blogger, Drew @tattooedbookgeek’s Music Monday posts for a while. I decided to share what I’d like to call my taste in music ( let’s be honest, not all metal is for everyone…) to see if others can connect the way I do to certain songs. I also started WeWo, it is short for Wednesday Wordsday, where I share a poem and talk about it a bit, this is if I can remember why I wrote it back in the day. I used to write a lot, so its me trying to get back in the saddle of writing again. Also I like to hear and appreciate every feedback I get from it. Further I do reviews of books mostly set within Gamesworkshop’s Warhammer universe. I do some different books here and there as well, but warhammer has become like an addiction to me, seriously, I have a problem and tink I will be seeing some one soon about it…

So far I believe my blog has done pretty ok. I reached the 50 subs mark a few days ago, so I would like to say THANK YOU for following. Yes, 50 aint that high a number and I don’t mind too much about it, because out of the 50 only a few interact with me from time to time. I’d rather have a few, cause I cant imagine having to reply to say, 100, comments each time I post. If  I would get 100 or more comments I would try to reply to all, don’t get me wrong. Blogging has become a new kind of hobby for me personally, I joined last year after seeing how nice people to Milou on her blog. I also started blogging to try make some people aware of the Warhammer universe, yes it might not be for everyone either, but it has only  small following here in South Africa, so I would like to represent that. Also I did it for Mr Bookstooge, my fianceè let me know there was this guy asking questions about warhammer and where to start and I told her to send me his email address so we could have a bit of a chat. This is where Wordaholicanonymous started. To help out… So far I am not sure if I am doing any sort of help because I am quite a slow reader.

As far as Metal Monday and WeWo is concerned, I am taking a break from it because of all the traveling and organizing of our wedding happening on  March 16. I am both very exited and a bit extremely stressed about it due to the fact that even tho we will be married, I still have to come back to S.A at the end of March. This is to sort out my permanent residency for The Netherlands. This means, as a newly married couple, we will only be together for about 14 days. The time I have to be in S.A after that has been stated as “not longer than 2 months”, but this is S.A… I am currently reading The Walking Dead, Rise of the Governor, maybe I ll have a review ready by the time I touch down.

We have also waited so long just for the Netherlands authorities to give us permission to get married. I have not seen Milou for over 7 months. It has been Hell on both of us. I hate that there are so many rules and paperwork involved in getting together with the one you love. I see it as a test to our commitment to one another tho. Who lives 10000km away from the person they want to be with and only sees them maybe once a year? We have…

So this post might seem a bit incoherent, all I wanted to get of my chest is that I might be offline for a while after today. Bare with me, I’ll be back hopefully very soon with some pictures and stories.

I will, to make up for yesterday include a small poem I wrote some years back that is very relevant to our current situation. It is untitled as I am still working on making it better…

My light, the moon,
my direction, the stars.
Traveling under the cover of night.
Hoping wishing that I am there soon.
Light-years, it feels, vast and far,
but I will take this flight…

Hope everyone has a good Thursday and weekend.




11 thoughts on “One step closer Update!!!

  1. Will definitely be praying for you both.

    I also understand the whole distance thing. Mrs B and I were on opposite sides of the country (5000km) and due to money we only saw each other 2-3 times a year. Of course, we didn’t have all the international issues and laws and everything else you have to deal with. But I understand being separated. Which is why I am super glad that things are really moving forward for you.

    As for Warhammer, every time you write a post about a WH book, and comment on one of the few warhammer book reviews that I post, I get a better understanding of that universe. So in that regards I view what you’ve done for me as a complete success and I thank you for it.

    And thank you for the heads up about being absent. I really, really appreciate it when people I follow let their followers know they’re going to be absent for a while instead of just disappearing. So let the good times roll 🙂

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  2. Yay! This must all be so exciting for you! And stressful.. Probably still more stressful than exciting until after the actual wedding when you can relax and look back 😉 I appreciate it, that you tell us what’s going on and how you are feeling!

    After Mr. DZ and I met randomly in Europe, we didn’t see each other again in person until a year after. And our ‘dating’ took place on Skype 😀 So I know how you are feeling, being apart from your fiance… Especially the couple of months just before I moved to Australia were hard.I still had to finish uni, wrap up my life in Germany.. But I knew it was the right decision and now we’ve been living together for over 4 years.

    The wait was worth it 🙂

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