The Walking Dead- R.O.T.G- R Kirkman J Bonansinga

Philip Blake’s life has been turned upside down. In less than seventy-two hours an inexplicable event has resulted in people…turning. The world has gone to hell and the walking dead roam the streets massacring the living. It seems that nowhere is safe. Escaping their small town, Philip has just one focus in life- to protect his young duaghter Penny. And he’ll do whatever it takes to ensure she survives.

With his old high-school friends and his brother Brian, Philip decides to aim for the city of Atlanta where it’s said there are refugee centres being set up. But between them and safety lie hundreds of the walking dead- and the survivors’ path to salvation lies straight through the middle of them…

I am sorry for using that abreviation for Rise of the Governor, my heading wouldve been a bit long for todays post otherwise…

I am pleased to say that I am pleased that I picked up this novel at last. From what I understand is that The Walking Dead started out as a comic first, evolved into a series later, followed up by the novels. I have watched the series up untill about season six or seven and I thought it was going to include familiar characters. To my surprise it did not, it focused on the transformation of one person who would go on to become one of the meanest, evil villians I have come to know in television (I dont watch too much these days). This is the part where I should say that This review might contain some spoilers!. So if you have not seen the show, read the comics( I havent read the comics yet), or plan to pick up this series some time, I will try not screw it up for you…

This book was awsome, this is to say if you are into survival horror, zombie apocolypse type of books. We see the world unfold through the eyes of the Blake brothers, Philip’s duaghter and two of Philip’s high-school friends. Already in the thick of things, not knowing how the world came to what it is with all the zombies, but knowing that they as humans have fallen a bit further from being on top of the food chain to being starters, main course and maybe even desert, should enough be left over… This is their story, how they came together as a group, how easy things can go south in the event of a world with no more laws.

I enjoyed it a lot, I was glad I picked it up. I started reading when my trip to The Netherlands started, maybe to signify that I mightve become a zombie for the duration of my trip. It was long, it was uncomfortable and by the time I reached my dearest Milou I was dead tired so to speak.

The novel can be graphic at times, it can be funny at times, it also has a few not so fun scenes in it… But it all keeps in the context of what the show was all about. Its very grim, but still I enjoyed it. It was great to read about the relationship between the brothers and how a small little girl could be the only glue that kept a group together. The friends played their part well also. It all came together pretty well. Just as I thought I had things figured out, a massive plot twist took part and made me realize I had my people wrongly summed up.

I gave this novel a 4(cant give 4,5 on GR…) on GR. I would recomend it to any followers of the series, anyone who would like to learn how the Governor became the person he was as well as how Woodbery started out. If zombie apocolyps aint your thing, its all good aswell.

Hope you all have a good evening.

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