A little look at what I have been up to…

Hello all, yes I know, I have been away for a bit again. I thought I could tell a little story and show some pictures of how things are coming along.

Lets start of with the first two pictures:

This is my Warhammer collection I still currently have at home in South Africa. As I stated in a previous post, I am in the process of getting married in The Netherlands. The row of books you currently see is at the back of the next picture:

It all looks a bit cramped, but its the space I have made do for the last couple of months. Some of these I have taken with me (picture will follow shortly). The ones around the middle are the subscription books I signed up for but had to cancell when we found out we were alowed to get married.

I mainly gush over Warhammer becuase of late, this is due to some form of obsession I can’t explain ( I might be corrupted…), but its books so ya’ll understand right?

So the last few weeks have been spent setting up house with my wife to be. We have painted some walls, moved her stuff to the new place, bought some furniture and been trying to make the place ours. I can honestly say, I am happy with the way it has turned out. What I am most exited to show of is our own personal little library. Lo and behold!

Thats me toasting to a job well done. We took about the whole day getting these shelves up. Most of the books on here are the missus’, but I have my own little corner that I would like to show of. Look to the far left, just under the light, there is a gap. Above that gap (I believe the gap is also still mine for what needs to come from SA) we find this:

On the second pic we you can see the extent of my collection from the subscription, this is from what i brought with me and what I had over at Milou’s already. I fkn love it! The collection consists out of 80 books of which I now own 21. I love that it makes a picture with all backs combined. If I will be able to finnish the collection I cant say, it is only run in S.A and the U.K, maybe I find a few more when I return in April… The book missing from the bottom picture is what I was reading at the time. I have finaly picked up Horus Rising and there should be a review some time this week. I am just trying to decide how I feel about it…

Apart from that we have just come back from Germany after a week of taking a bit of a break. I saw snow (REAL SNOW!!!) for the first time in my life.

I also built (Milou built most of it) my first snowman (yes I sang the song from Frozen before we did).

I used beer bottles for eyes, how original is that?

Very proud of …. (we forgot to name it๐Ÿ™ˆ).

Thats a whole long story cut real short. I am sorry if I have not replied to other peoples posts or comments yet. We did not have signal…

Hope everyone had a good Friday.

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