Some new books this way came…

Early last month, after being in The Netherlands for about 3 weeks, my fianceé and her family decided to have a bit of a late Sinterklaas. Sinterklaas is like Christmas, but with a few more twists. I am not going to elaborate too much on that as I want to get to pics of books…

So, Sinterklaas thought it a good idea to give me a book about cooking. What is awesome tho is that its South African dishes, but the book was translated in Dutch.

I am looking forward to seeing if I can cook some dishes out of this (maybe a new blog spot will open shortly , who knows).

Sinterklaas also gave me a book about bookshops.

I think he had some help from my fianceé as well, because when I opened it there was a little note from the author! My first ever signed book!😱 Thanks love.

Then, later last month, it was Valentine’s day. Milou and I have decided that we were going to start a tradition of giving a book on days like these, spending the day reading and if we happen to have chocolates, eat them as well😋. Milou got me:

This is the third book in the Keiko series, by Mike Brooks. I have the first two already, also from Milou, which I have read and really enjoyed. I am going to do a re-read of the first two before I get to this novel, seeing as I havent written reviews on this blog for them yet.

Lastly, we were visiting some shops in search of Sinterklaas presents when I treated myself to:

This is the magazine that Gamesworkshop puts out either monthly or weekly, I am not to sure. But its packed with news and goodies most of the time. It also came out with a small book containing two short stories:

Looks interesting and I cant wait to dive into it.

Those were the books I recently acquired. Hope you all are gonna have a great March. I know I will, as it is only 15 dais to our wedding!

Good day everyone.

(Foto by my blog heading comes from Lords of Mars by Graham McNeill, just love it)


5 thoughts on “Some new books this way came…

  1. That is neat she was able to get the author to sign one of the books she gave you. As for White Dwarf, I believe it is currently a monthly offering.

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