Angels of Darkness- Gav Thorpe

Dark Angels Interrogator-Chaplain Boreas and his men protect the recruiting world of Piscina V, watching over those who will be the next generation of Dark Angels. But when the Chapter’s greatest secret – the existence of the Fallen, warriors who turned against their brothers ten thousand years before – comes to light, Boreas’s own past interrogating one of these traitors comes back to haunt him, with tragic consequences.

I am at an actual loss as to what to say about this book… I have been stunned by the sheer gravity of imagination and forward thinking that went into Angels of Darkness.

This book is part of my Warhammer 40K Legends collection. It is book nr30 in the collection. I subscribed to it during the course of last year and own about 21 books in this 80 book series. Each book has an introduction as to why it was included into the collection and comes with a bunch of pictures and an extra bit of information that explains a bit more of the events taken place in or around the book as well as a timeline of when the book takes place. It is obtainable from a company called Hachette Partworks LTD. According to my knowledge the service is only available in UK, SA, Australia and New Zeeland. I will never regret starting this collection, appart from the fact that I may never finish it due to me moving to The Netherlands.

Lets start this review with some history:

Original cover art

Gav Thorpe wrote this book back in 2003, it was one of the first to be written for Black Library. By the time Warhammer 40K was already about 15 years old. The Horus Heresy books/series only started around 2006. What amazed me about AoD was that it was written ten thousand years after the Heresy happened. That is where my “sheer gravity” of this book comment came from. How good was Gav in imagining it all back in the day?

It followed two time lines:

The past where Boreas interrogated Astelan, a traitor Dark Angel (Fallen). The future where Boreas was in charge of protecting the recruiting world of Piscina V, thinking back about that spesific interrogation.

I am not one for spoiling a book I have read so I am going to leave it at that.

Before I started this book I did not know much of the Dark Angels. What I have learned from this book is some of the history of the Dark Angels Chapter and a little of how they function. I have learned a bit of their Primarch; Lion El’Jonson and Caliban, their homeworld. It gave me glimpses of Herecy events as well as what happened to Caliban.

There was references to The Purging of Kadillus, a Space Marines Battles novel that also took place on Pescina, but I dont believe its compulsory to read that before diving into this one. I found the story extremely well thought out in how past and present caught up to one another.

I’ve written down a bit of the Astelan’s tale that I wanted to share. I do not do this to to infringe on copyright infringements, if I do some one can contact me and I will take it of. I just loved the picture the words brought to mind. The same goes for the pictures. I wrote this down before I started writing the words down: “I want to hear this in a song someday!!!!

I saw a light in the night sky. At first I thought it a comet or meteor, but as I watched it circled across the heavans to the north then dissappeared. No shooting star moves like it and hope stirred within me again. At that point I did not give too much thought to whether friend or foe. I took it simply as a sign of where to go. Having seen only sunlight and starlight for so long, that blaze of yellow and red was glorious in my eyes as it glowed on the horizon as I neared the end of my journey, uncertainty suddenly gripped me…”

I think it is safe to say that I am now a little wiser within the 40k setting. I gave AoD 5 out of 5 on GR and would recommend it to anyone who would like to read of the Dark Angels, learn some of the Horus Heresy. Battle wise, orks featured, there was spaceship boarding wars as well as some poetry that I appreciated. Highly recommend picking this one up and also looking forward to what will happen in Legacy of Caliban, a Dark Angels ombibus.

Praise the Lion

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