Alien: River of Pain- Christopher Golden

Please note:

This review will not have any blurp, as the whole blurp gives away everything that this book was about (I am not big on spoilers or giving spoilers away, but I might be dropping a few things in my review).

I am a huge ALIEN fan (huge as in I am quite a large person and have not got any real ALIEN props or know absolutley everything that is ALIEN, but I do know a little about key events)

This review is going to be a short one, as this was an audio book and I am basicaly typing as I go along.

This was an Audible audio drama that my fiancée got for free and thought I might like. In hindsight I did like it. I just did not give it a very high rating. We will get to that in a bit…

This story takes place between the first Alien and Aliens movies. It mainly takes place on LV-426 (The planet where the first Alien film took place), about 70 years after the incident with the crew of the Nostromo expedition. LV-426 is now renamed to Acheron or Ackeron (not sure cause people used different accents), because it has been colonized and people like putting a name to a place… I thought it was a great setting that would make for some nice atmosphere. I know this was an audio drama so understand that there wasn’t a need for world building. I appreciated that the guys who made the audio drama used what sounded like the actual noises some things would make, say, a door opens as people come in, that would be that sound I came to recognise from the films. Even the pulserifle shots were close to the film. It was nice to emerse myself back there again.

Things I had a problem with (this is totaly my opinion):

  • Voice acting for certain occasions… I think the best way to describe it is this. If I were to see a particulary lethal alien bearing down on me, my reaction would be this: “Oh fffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuucck!!!!” Not; ” oh no an alien is going to eat me🙄 (I put in that emoji to signify what I thought the actor’s face might’ve looked like when recording, it had almost no if not non emotion to it).
  • When a person becomes the victim of a Facehugger, remebering this correctly, but in the film no one knew what it was up untill they had a talk with Ripley, but on LV-426, when it happens the scientists already give it that name (I know I am nitpicking a bit, but if they knew, how about explaining upon that for a few seconds?)
  • The “birth time” of the Chestburster as well as it becoming an adult was way too quick. In the first film it took about a day and a half for the Facehugger to finish its job.
  • Newt’s parents…😡… It is no wonder that they never featured in ALIENS, they were idiots and fkng irresponsible ones aswell. If I found my kids crawling around the airducts that I help build for a colonization to take place on a planet never before inhibited by people and said people were dependent on the air of said ducts, arsess of the young ones would be smacked… Also, if I got orders from my company superiors to go do an expedition, would I take my kids along? Answer this truthfully when reading above mentioned airduct scenario… I felt no pitty for them (parents) sorry.

Oh wow, seems like I had to say a lot. I dont mean to sound so negative… I gave this a 3 out of 5 on GR and would recommend it to anyone who has about 4 hours to spare, thats how long this drama was. Also to true diehard fans that have not heard much from Alien side appart from the movies following after Prometheus…

Hope everyone had a good weekend.

15 thoughts on “Alien: River of Pain- Christopher Golden

  1. I was a social alien fan until I made the mistake of watching the second “Alien vs Predator” movie. Man, that just grossed me out.

    I actually enjoyed Prometheus, but that is because I didn’t realize it was an alien film until the end 😀

    I’m more of a Predator guy myself…

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    1. This was not someone reading a book to you though, i think they made up “conversations” from the original book. I would verymuch like to see if it was written that way or kept as it was in the drama.


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