That time I went into a room and came out a husband…

Good day folks! Exiting stuff happened! For those of you who followed or are following, we finaly got married yesterday (16 March 2018, putting this here as a reminder to myself for future reference…)!!!!

Foto’s will follow some time later this month or even next month, we are a bit tied for time. We do not yet know where our honeymoon will take place apart from that it is going to be cold. As a result of what has happened yesterday and the coming two weeks that will be very busy, my blog is going to go quiet for a bit. I am not one who has a tonne of posts planned ahead so I want to apologize for that. Here have some cake.

This was our own homemade wedding cheescake…

I am currently reading three books. Two of which are audio books.I have some examples:

I have been following Richard Klu on WP for a while now, not only does he promote the books he wrote, but he also boasts about writing cosmic horror. Now, if like me, you are into H.P Lovecraft inspired writing, then this might be something for you. Cabals of blood is a collection of short stories and from what I have read so far, seems like it could be great.

Dark Run by Mike Brooks is a re-read for me. It is sci-fi revolving around a crew of the Keiko. I loved it the first time I read it and I wanted to do a review of it on my blog. My wife got me the third and last in this series so I thought I could re-read the first two before getting into number three. Exited to revisit the Keiko. This is an audio book, but I read the physical book with when I can.

The way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson. The missus loves this guy and thought it a good idea to listen to the audio together, it is huuuuuge! It was, if I understand it correctly, one book that got broken into two parts, which got broken into two books per part…We are on book 2 part one and it has been quite a journey. Some parts I have missed, but the overall jist of the story I get, or think I get. This is my forst Sanderson.

There you have it, a small explanation into what is taking me away from blogging and what I am up too. Metal Monday as well as Wednesday Wordsday will be put on hold till I have more time on my hands again. I am sorry for the inconvenience. I hope that when I return I will have lots of things to tell you all!

Hope you all have a great time!

20 thoughts on “That time I went into a room and came out a husband…

  1. Most excellent magic trick! Sucks about having to deal with all the stuff you guys have to, but I trust the time will go quickly, get resolved quickly and you can be together again.

    And thanks for the heads up about going quiet. Completely understandable but the heads up means some of us won’t worry that something bad happened 😀

    See you on the flip side!

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