WeWo- Aprilla

Aaah, Wednesday Wordsday, I have been waiting for April for quite some time to share a few poems. Loooong time ago I was driving quite a long while. I was listening to a lot of In Flames (there will be a few songs this month regarding Jester themed metal…) and I had an idea to try my hand at my own clown/harlequin inspired poem. This, to my knowledge, turned out into 3 poems around fools and the like. April is also known about taking people for a ride. That is where I came up for the poem’s name. Don’t worry, I will not be playing any tricks on amyone. I hope the three or so poems will be enjoyed. If you like, please leave a comment, tell me what you think. These were, to me, some of my favorite parts of writing.


Too long
behind this mask hidden,
as all anwraps and he unveils,
a silent plea that all may be forgiven
as uncharted ship opens all sails.

breaks a secret code
as real tears
wash away every jest and joke
replacing memories
repressed for too many years.

The stage is set,
no Jester can keep or
provoke from-
there is no joke or jest ,
to turn this Fool
from what he’s become.

unveiled face,
before them now
in all its majesty,
no trace
left of yesterday’s Clown,
this becomes their new reality…

Let me know what you think…

Have a great day

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