WeWo- Joker

Welcome to another WeWo. We continue my attempt at sharing some poetry I wrote that were Inspired by April Fool’s. This one named Joker because I had no better name for it at the time.

My WeWo don’t seem to do too well these days, but I will continue with it because this is my blog and I’ve always wanted to get my poems together in one place.


Yet another jester,
fallen from grace,
yet another Jester
enters to take his place.

His painted tears do not show
upon this broken stage.
Twisting his reality into one big joke.
Lines memorized from a torn page.

Truth spoken by this Jester,
yet for all to see,
that actions to a gesture
are exactly what they seem.

Another Jester gets burned,
another painted face
sets out as the the stage is turned,
to try his ply and stay in place…

Hope you like it, leave a like or comment, or maybe both if you do.

Have good eve.

The posts for Aprill so far can be found here:


Jester Race

8 thoughts on “WeWo- Joker

  1. Yep, you’re always going to have posts that outperform your others and then have those that regularly bomb. But like you said, this is for you. So hopefully that is enough to keep you going on it 🙂

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