WeWo- Lollipop

Welcome to another WeWo. We continue today with another poem I put towards April Fool’s. This one is not about a jester or fool. It is one written more for a friend I saw being taken advantage of (making him a fool then it seems). This is quite an old poem of mine so bare with me…

Before we get to the poem. You are propably thinking; “Dave, why that icecream pic and not an actual lollipop?” The answer is simple, this was a treat the wife and I got on our honeymoon in Prague. Its deliscious and sweet af! Its some thin pastry/doughy affair lined with Nutella and topped of with a scoop or two of icecream or whipped cream. I seriously recommend trying it some time, I forgot the word they used for it tho, it was that great… Now, lets get to that poem!


Sucker for punishment
sitting here licking wounds,
brought on by desires for entertainment.
Thinking of Winter and her many moons.

Tempted by the calculating, luscious tongue of Life.
Who would not give in?
While knowing decay will be ripe…

Happiness so commonly sought for.
Found possibly, down wrong hole,
knocking on Mischief’s door.
Finds only sorrow for an empty soul.

Finds a mouthless friend
who can bod and wave.
Attempts to face this life again,
Sucker for punishment has been saved…

Some times I wonder where my mind was at when writing these poems down because I should technically know should I not? I vaguely remember tho. I had a friend working as bartender that I went and visited and after a few beers I asked him to pass me some paper and a pen. Next day I woke up and this note was on my fridge…

Anyhow, I hope you enjoyed. I have no idea how well my poems are recieved, please feel free to leave a like and comment or both, even if you did not enjoy it.

For other entries to my April poems go here or there.

Have a great day

20 thoughts on “WeWo- Lollipop

    1. I had some trouble getting pics on it which my wife helped with and published, this morning it was still lying on my concepts folder so i thought something went wrong. Published it again just in case…

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  1. I just installed the WP app on my phone. When you have a little bit of time, would you mind walking me through what you do to see my site and how you got back to May 2017? Act like I’ve never used the app before and haven’t a clue how to do anything (which seems to be pretty close to how things are, lol)

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    1. Oke, step 1. I clicked on your name, this takes me to your “page” but it is in “app” form, but this is where all your posts and only your posts. Step 2, scroll down untill WP tells you it wont go any further.

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      1. Honestly, I’m as lost as you are about WHY this is happening. I’m glad I thought of the archives for you, but I’m going to do some more digging around. I don’t think the app is supposed to be working this way…


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