Double Aniversary #ThisMightBeALong Post#BareWithMe

Bring on the cake People!!!!!!!!!!!!!πŸ₯‚πŸΎπŸΊπŸ»πŸ°

According to WP this is not only my 100th post, but also, the 1 month aniversary since I’ve been married to the most beautiful Milou Breedveld.

Lief I hate that we only got to spend two weeks together as a married couple before I had to come back to SA. Thats right people, we have been married one month now and already we are 10000 km away from one another due to politics and laws and bullshit.

Whats this about two aniversaries tho Dave? Well, my blog just happens to be one whole year old!!!!! I cant believe it. So much has happened since I started blogging. Not just book wise, but life wise as well. I thought We could take a look at my blog over the last year seeing as this is quite a milestone for me…

Before I start with my posts, I would like to mention two people. These two are the main reason I started blogging apart from trying to get back into writing stuff again.

If it wasn’t for my beautiful wife I would’ve never started this. Milou has been there since day one. Edging me on, helping me with editing and adding pictures when my app wont do it. She is the one that opened a new wold for me. Not just book wise, but in experiencing othet aspects in life. I would’ve never seen or travled the way I have if it wasn’t for her. Lief, I love you tonnes and tonnes. You make me want to be a better person, I love you and thank you from the bottom to the top of my heart.This link is where we did a partner book tag. It was one of the firsts for me about us.This link if you would like to read a small bit about the wedding.

Next up we have Bookstooge, he was the second reason I joined up and started blogging. Milou asked me one day if I would talk to some guy about Warhammer, ofcoarse I said yes, we corresponded over e-mail, but I dont think I convinced him well enough about where to start. So I set myself a mission, to fond a novel he might enjoy. I am not sure it will be possible, but we will see. The link up top is where my first interaction was with him on WP, funnily enough it was a Warhammer post.

I said I was going to look back at a few firsts, lets get cracking shall we?

I kinda blew onto the WP scene with a poem I sent into space… Where the first WP post is normally like an introduction, I went straight for content pushing, like I have done this for years. I am sorry about that. I also never formally introduced myself, but I figured it not too important, and most of you who have been there from the start have read small tidbits I drop in my normal posts. Here is that poem you can read if you want. My poems are now a permanent feature, I post them on Wednesdays, I cleverly name them WeWo which is short for Wednessday Wordsday. I cant say I post every Wednesday, but I try hard to do so. In the end, I can have them all neat and filed in one place, not like the mountain of unorganized paper I have.

My first review post was a copy and paste job from GR (Goodreads) for those new to this blog. This more or less became the template/format for my review posts- not the copy paste from GR no, but the format I use in my reviews these days. I keep track of what I read on GR and at the end of review I will give the score out of 5 for the book in question. Here is Wulfric, for those that might’ve missed it.

Earlier I talked about Milou and I with a couples reading tag. This was the first book we reviewed together on my side of the blog. Before that Milou used to just talk about me on her blog alone. I believe on her side there was a Treasure Island she spoke about my thoughts on it.

I also did Bookhauls whenever I got new books. This was the first one of those. My bookhauls have been put on a backburner untill I get my life sorted out and are alowed to live with my wife on te same continent…

Then there was one of my favorite parts of the week called Metal Monday, here I decided to give people a glimpse into the kind of music I listen too. This first post was also book related, because the band got inspired by Moby Dick. I tend to follow bookrelated metal it seems… Metal Monday I have to say would not have happened if not for Drew over @tattooedbookgeek, who hosts Music Mondays. This guy posts some amazing content out there, please check it out. I am not doing Metal Monday today due to this post.

One of the posts I was realy impressed with was Kings of the Wyld by Nicholas Eames. Not only did it do realy well but the author liked my review on GR!!! I was so over the moon about it that I screen captured the pic just to make sure I wasnt drunk or dreaming. It is right at the bottem of this link.

Another proud moment not just blogging wise, but in life aswell happened on October 2nd, a month before we would’ve celebrated our one year engagement aniversary. “We are going to get married!!!” was and still is the most viewed post I have had this whole year of blogging and it makes me happy because it was one of the most important posts I have ever done. Not long after that, I did a post on The Ring I got her because I suck at keeping secrets from Milou…

Apart from blogging there is also the me being a follower part I would like to talk about.

Let me start by saying that when I exploded onto the scene, I was mainly looking for Warhammer related stuff. I was and still am very narrow minded in the sense of reading up about it. In no spesific order I would like to thank Azazel, Ann, Spalanz, Imperialrebelork, to name but a few. These guys and girls have fed me with their displays of painted minitures, they do amazing work and I urge anyone interested to check out their blogs. A special shout out goes to Crittersmasher who put my name on one of their set pieces, just because I am a follower, that was a realy awsome feeling for me, thank you.

Staying with Warhammer, I follow two authors here on WP. Joshua Reynolds and Sarah Cawkwell. So far I have read one book by each and plan to do a re-read sometime because that was before I started my blog. Both have replied to a question or comment not so long ago and it meant the world to me. Then we get to Trackofwords this person posts weekly of all the comings and going ons within the world of Warhammer this keeps me up to date at the touch of a screen (cant say button anymore because technology…)

Lastly I would like to mention some people I follow. This is just an interessting look in no way is this the list of people I only follow or comment on, these are but a few that come to mind when I think of WP. Again this is in no specific order.

I have been following Richard Klu for a long time now and did a short story review some time ago. I am currently reading his Cabals of Blood short story collection and there should be a review some time this month.This link should take you to his blog.

The Captain does her reviews with a piratey twist. I like reading about novels dealing with water themes, I get my fair share of it here.

Brizzlelassbooks also had a bloggerversary recently. I follow her blog thanks to metal on her music mondays but not only because of that her reviews are always somewhat educational.

Theorangutanlibrarian always has interesting posts going up. She rates books she reads with bannanas, I also like it because it reminds me of Terry Prattchet’s orangutang librarian and I dont know why…

Bookwraiths shares what I believe to be the same interest in books I read. With added fantacy books I have never heard of.

Swordsandspectres has a lot of top five posts that fly accross my radar often. Also fantacy or sci-fi related, most of the time, again, books I never saw.

Thecomicvault is not only a cosplayer, but entertains with some indepth insight into comics Ive either read or not. The link provided was at a steampunk convention he went to. Wife and I are both fans of the genre…

These are but a few of the amazing blogs I follow, feel free to check them out, leave a like or comment.

I believe thats as far as my Bloggerversary is going to go. I have been working on this for quite some time, but lost my original post due to unforseen technicalities.

I hope you have enjoyed celebrating my aniversary/bloggerversary/ 100th post with me. Cheeers!!!

25 thoughts on “Double Aniversary #ThisMightBeALong Post#BareWithMe

  1. Yay, congratulations on your blogging anniversary as well as your personal milestone πŸ™‚ That was a very lovely summary post πŸ™‚ It’s always cool to see how far one has come over a year and how much has happened. I know & follow a lot of bloggers you mentioned and am always surprised at how amazingly friendly & open-minded our book blogging community is (I just ignore the few weirdos).

    I hope you can be together with Milou pretty soon! Fingers crossed, and keep us up to date:)

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Dude, it’s been a year? Well, !@#$%^&*. Ok, not really profanity, but you know, I’m amazed. Where has the time gone?

    I laughed at your paragraph about me and you and warhammer. That hasn’t really turned out the way I was hoping I have to admit πŸ˜€ Sometimes some things are just not meant to be.

    And 100 posts? That’s like a post every 4 or less days. For a year. With all the stuff going on in your personal lives. That’s just awesome.

    So a huge congrats and I hope another year is just as fun. I certainly enjoy the time spent on your blog.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks man, and thank you for sticking around. Even tho I have gotten side tracked with “not only reading warhammer novels” ill get there eventualy. And … surprizeπŸ™‚

      Liked by 2 people

  3. Congrats on the anniversary and happy bloggiversary 😊 I’m sorry to hear you had to go back to SA- I really hope you can be back together as soon as possible! And thank you for the lovely shoutout! It’s so cool that bookstooge is one of the reasons you’re on here πŸ™‚

    Liked by 3 people

  4. Ok, so I checked out the wordpress app and had the same issues as you. I complained in the google play store and the developers got a hold of me. Turns out the app only deals with the latest 300 posts from any one site.
    So if you want to go back further than that, you’ll have to go to my site and browse using a browser and the archive selector. Which makes the app totally useless to me and for anyone following me. But now you know.


    Liked by 2 people

      1. That would be my guess. WordPress gives you a 3gigabyte limit for photos, but that is a lot. I’ve been using wordpress for 2 years full time now, I think, and I’ve only reached the 7% mark. You shouldn’t be anywhere near close to your limit.

        I’m guessing there are limits built into the app that aren’t transparent? Unfortunately, since I don’t use the app regularly, or at all now, I can’t be of much help.

        Let me know if I can help if you start using WP in your browser…

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yeah, that does suck. I’m not sure how much different the app is from the browser version. Ask away if you’ve got questions and I’ll try to help. What browser do you use on your phone by the way? I’m on chrome on my laptop and am familiar with firefox as well.

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  5. Congratulations (double congratulations!) and thank you for the shoutout. Hopefully the two of you are reunited soon and in a more permanent way. Once you’re back and settled, we’ll have to see if you can be drawn into some adventures with glue and paint… πŸ˜‰ Or better yet – the both of you together!

    Liked by 2 people

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