Wednesday Wordsday- Gypsie

Welcome to the very last April Fools inspired poem by yours truely. I wrote this after seeing some music video about a seance gone a bit wrong. I won’t be linking the video just yet, this isn’t Metal Monday after all haha…( For those interessted, check out coming Monday🤘🏻)

Apart from the music video, this poem I was one of my few favorites, everything felt like it fit together. I can’t say that about most of my poems, so imagine my pride in sharing this one. Excuse the swearing…

This also has another meaning for me as I have always been a bit sceptical about people who say they can comune with the dead. Maybe it is true, maybe they can predict the future, but have you ever heard of some one winning the winning combination to the lotto each week? So no, I can be sceptical if I want too.

Hope you enjoy. Let me know what you think in the comments please!!!


Looking into her crystal ball.
She became aware of a non existent wall.
No one could tell what she was saying,
everything she saw was dead and decaying.

Her mouth fell open to force out a scream.
All around her,startled by what they had seen…
So she tried to break free from this wall,
scared the shit out of big and small,
they just stood, what could they do?Maybe this bitch bit off more than she could chew?

P.S: I know the post picture isn’t of a actual gypsie, no that my friends is none other than Saruman from Lord of The Rings, we all know that happened. (Not realy, I just liked this other than the ones on google search.)

Have another one😋

3 thoughts on “Wednesday Wordsday- Gypsie

  1. I don’t believe in the dead communicating with the living either, but I suspect it might be for very different reasons than you 🙂
    Would you mind enlightening me as to why you’re a sceptic? I would like to know. And if it’s a subject you’d rather deal with offline, an email is just as cool…

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    1. See it as a joke and a cheap ploy to prey on the people emotionaly perseptive to looking for those that went past if that makes sence. I have no problem voicing this opinion. I know they say seeing is believing, but you never realy see anything, you hear it from some stranger…

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