WeWo- Ode to Silence

Welcome to May every body! Today on WeWo I would like to share a poem I wrote in an attempt to personify Silence. I went through a time where I tried to draw inspiration from abstract words/feelings. I can’t say this poem was any good, but when the words came I was fortunate enough to have a pen and paper ready to give them voice.

May is also the month my youngest brother celebrates his birthday. I’ve never written a poem about or for him, but would like to dedicate today’s WeWo to him. May, if I am not mistaken has a certain anniversary for me and my wife as well, hope I am correct lief? This poem I also dedicate to you, because it sucks being so far away from you. It also sucks when one of us can’t reply to texts. I know I am guilty for most part of it, I am sorry.

To the rest of my readers, If you have a birthday this month let me know in the comments, I could dedicate it to you too. Hope you enjoy!

Ode to Silence

For we always feared of her breaking,
vowed never to even whisper Her name.
Basked in Her presence, in moments of aching…

She would listen,
yet no one knew why.
Wipe dry, eyes that glistened,
leave with no reply…

To never see, but know,
She was there.
Never did any signs show,
no inclination that She held care…

Will miss Her till next time,
till I utter a word.
Will never know Her mind…
Some say She was golden,
a currency I wanted, but never could afford….


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