The Mechanical- Ian Tregillis

My name is Jax.

That is the name granted to me by my human masters.

I am a slave.

But I shall be free.

Earlier this week I finnished the Audible version of this book. My review might be a bit lacking today as I was listening to it while I was working in the recieving department and there were times I missed certain key events in this book due to noise and people taking my concentration away. At least, this can be seen on a pluss side as I find it difficult to talk about a book without giving out too much or too many spoilers. I hate spoilers…

The Mechanical is an alternative history novel. The world that was built within the story was very much what I have seen in real life but set in the 1800’s with some extra twists and turns. It was set in The Netherlands and France. These two countries were at war with one another. The used automatons to do their dirty work for them. The “magic” or alchemic ways in which the automatons gained their life/sentience was very interesting and I hope to learn more in future books.

For most part we follow the story from the viewpoint of Jax. An automaton who witnesses an execution of one of his own kind due to the fact that it went “rogue”. There was enough good parts in this book to keep me engadged and entertained with it. There was some clever swearing. The names the different states refered to one another was specificaly entertaining. I think shit cakes might become a personal favorite for me, where Tulip Sniffer might be seen as realy offensive, if you happen to be in love with someone of Dutch decent…

The conspiracy theory that Jax becomes a part of was well executed throughout the story and the way people interacted either with their automatons or with other people I found very intriguing. There were a lot of characters to keep track of and they all had equal page (ear) time to get to know and decide who to love and who to hate. There were some gruesome fight scenes, so very visceral descriptions that I liked. Ian did a great job in creaiting this world and novel.

The story ended with a few questions hanging, which I believe will be answered in the follow up books. The Alchemy Wars is a three part series if I understand it correct.

I gave this a 4 out of 5 on GR, but it can most certainly become a five in future as I plan a reread of the physical copy. I read this for my OWLs in Potions as it dealt with alchemy and such like in the novel. The book itself is pretty awsome, not only the cover but also the pages…

Have you read this book? Share some thoughts…

20 thoughts on “The Mechanical- Ian Tregillis

  1. I have a super hard time paying attention to audio books and I end up feeling like I have to “read” the book again after listening.

    And you hate spoilers but read my reviews? Dude, how do you reconcile that? I spoil so bad it’s not funny 🙂 I guess I need to appreciate your “likes” more now!

    On an unrelated note, I just downloaded spellweaver on steam last night. Thinking I’ll check it out in the coming weeks.

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    1. Invite me if you want on 🙂. As for the spoilers if its a book I know I wont be reading spoilers are fine, if it is a book I know I might be interrested in I tend to skip a few paragraphs and read what you thought. Your hard work in reviews always are worth a like tho…

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      1. I’ll copy that link and once I get some familiarity I’ll probably add you, even if I don’t play much 😀

        Me and videogames have a rocky relationship. We’re kind of like young love that grew apart 😉


      2. How do I add you as friend? I can’t find you on Steam using that email address and when I start spellweaver it won’t let me do anything except start the “tutorial”.
        What am I missing?

        I’m registered as Bookstooge w/ the email

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      3. Ok, tutorial first then. maybe I’ll get to that at the end of this week.
        I’m trying to finish up Sandworms of Dune and it just isn’t going well. So now I want it finished. Blah…

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