Queen of Sorcery- David Eddings

A Warning: This review review might containeth spoilers as I am a bit pissed off with it. For those that look at this as a personal affront or attack on what they like, I asure you, the fualt is mine… Oh and swearing, I did mention I was pissed of right?

Legends tell of how Belgarath the sorcerer and his daughter Polgara defeated the evil God Torak, imprisoning him in an endless sleep. But now a priest of Torak is racing to his God with the Orb of Aldur- racing to reawaken him

Belggarath and Polgara are on his trail. With them is Garion, a simple farm boy only months before. And with each league the group travel- Through Arendia and Tolnedra and on to Nyissa, the land of the Serpent Queen- the power of sorcery is growing in Garion…

Dear friends:

I write this letter to you on behalf of Dave, he has locked himself in his room and will not be coming out until he has found a way to cope with, acording to him, how much time he wasted on actualy finishing this novel. What I can see from the get go is that he was already so frustrated with the previous novel and was not looking forward to picking up number two, or maybe he had too high expectations of it setting right what number had done wrong for him.

Whatever the case, Dave is angry, Dave is like little Garion, frustrated as fuck that he knows he is special, but his family carry on with this “secret” that is so obvious and could’ve avoided so much tension and unesasary bickering and inward conflict, that if dick head Belgarath or bitchy Polgara could’ve just been open and honest with him (that last sentance is what I got from Dave).

Apparently nothing was important enough to tell Garion through the whole story, yet when he set a person on fire for the first time and was reluctant to kill him, aunt Pol thought it was the right time to tell him this was the guy that killed his parents, WTF? They could’ve told him in the first fkn book already! (Dave…👆) The party travel and travel pretty much the same as in the first book, trying to be as inconspicous as possible, but fail every time. It was boring and dreadfull to read acording to Dave, he hated every second of it.

Then there was all the nakedness and sexual tension between whomever was in the presance of Garion or the others of the party, why blush when you see tits? Was this supposed to be a YA novel? Do tits and naked chicks all have to be beautifull and naked in YA novels? That part I heard through the door as Dave was throwing his toys out of the cot, I feel sorry for the guy…

The story picked up about the last 40 pages of the book but fell flat as everything that should’ve been important and relevant to mention to Garion, happened while he was drugged (WTF!!!). He now has some dry voice in his head that can do magic tricks all of a sudden. Friends I must confess, that I heard more than once that Dave was threatening to “DNF this piece of shit“, but he is a stubborn lad, so he got to the end at last.

Dave has mentioned that he liked the idea of the story in general, but it could’ve been done waaaay better. He does not understand why half of what happened happened, nor why stupid things happend that was not relevant to the story, yet what should’ve been relevant was seen or described as not important. He distinctly remembers a scenario where Garion wanted to know what a Dryad was, to which Belgarath replied “I quite like them, they are not human, but thats not important right now….” (fuuuuuuckoooooooof😡)

I will end this review by saying Dave gave it a 2 out of 5 stars over on GR (it should’nt have gotten any fkn stars!!!). He doesnt believe he will continue this series and I believe he won’t be recommending it to anyone, apart from true followers of Eddings. Dave read this novel for his OWLs in Transfiguration.

I hope this letter finds you all in good health. Signed with love,


13 thoughts on “Queen of Sorcery- David Eddings

  1. I laughed so hard while reading this. I’m sorry you had such a bad time with it though 😀

    The only positive I can think coming from this is that now you know not to try any more Eddings. He’s definitely not an author that works for you.

    It’s also been interesting to get an adult perspective on this YA series. I’ve got so much nostalgia invested in it that I couldn’t come into like you did or ask the questions you did. So good job being a bit more objective!

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      1. Another aspect to these books by Eddings is that he was TRYING to write as much cliche as possible. On the back of the books I own, from the 90’s, the author blurb goes on about him “experimenting with literary forms”, or something like that. From everything he wrote, what I gather is that he tried to see how much garbage people would put up with.

        If you couldn’t handle the Belgariad, and you know I liked it, think how bad his Dreamers series was, that I HATED. It was that bad!

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  2. You were brutal, but I loved it. Your review was to the point, while also being 100% honest. And the humour made the sting a bit less painful. This is the type of rants worth reading. For sure not adding these books to my TBR, I would not make it through the first book, let alone the second. I cannot write poetry to save my life but can crank out short stories like no-one else. Can I challenge you for a poem? – I have a ‘writing prompt’ and wanna see what you’d make of it in a poem…

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    1. Hit me with a prompt🙂, thank you for taking the time to reply. I can see I might have liked this series were I a younger me. Things just didnt work out for me this time.

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      1. I believe you there. The books I read in school just does not seem appealing to me anymore.
        Here’s the prompt: “If you are reading this, then I have failed. You need to know everything and you’ll find what you have to in the basement. Find the Storian in one of the worlds. I have been looking for years, but have not been able to find him. He is hidden in disguise as one of the characters and he has been working on erasing you from the worlds. If he succeeds, you will cease to exist…”
        You can tweak this to fit what you wanna write.


  3. Okay this made me laugh and now I know I will not be readin’ anything by this author. I can’t stand when the “plot” of the book comes from people keeping secrets and JUST NOT talking to each other. Also naked women for no real point also kinda irks me. Yup. Saving me time. Sorry ye seemed to waste yers. Though I had fun readin’ the review of this so mehaps yer time was not wasted?
    x The Captain

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