Wednessday Wordsday- My Wife

Dear Reader,

(If you happen to see this on your feed again, ignore it, my post fucked up. Part of the original poem I posted is gone and I cant remember how it went, I did not write it down🙈. Fkn WP- Note to self: Never start a post on your phone and then edit it from the P.C app((fffffffffuuuuuuck😡😖😣))))))

Today on this blog there is going to be a little bit of love poetry (I try but struggle to write still…). Today’s poem I basicaly just wrote with no plan in mind. I tried to let the words flow through me as much as possible. I can’t say I am happy with the result, but it is the closest to what my current feelings are and what I am willing to share.

After the momentus screw up that is the South African Post Service, Milou has decided to bring over the documents (she sent almost a month ago) over to SA herself. She will be spending the week with me and if all goes well with the visa appointment (she lands Thursday eve, appointment is on Friday morning), I might fly over with her. My wife deserves a medal for all she has done for us.

What this means is that my blog will be going quiet for a while. Untill we know where we, or atleast I, will be going. I am working on two reviews currently and also two Metal Mondays, one will be for The Rook, the other for review I am currently working on. Hope you will like it.

Milou also wrote a small post regarding her trip. If you do net yet follow my wife, please go over and give her some love.

(Now for that poem that was sadly lost due to I dont know what. I can’t remember how the first verse started😖. If you happen to have photogenic memory, help a brother out please?)

Once again you have gone the literal distance.
Traveling to me, offering your assistance.
The pure awsomeness that is you
Could never be captured in words, sad but true.

You humble me with your love,
My pookey wook, my turtle dove…
Never will it be said you do not care.
Never will it be said you were never there.

I can not wait to hold you
I can not wait to spend the rest of my life with you.
I love you more than words will ever be able to say
More and more each and every day.

Have a great day


20 thoughts on “Wednessday Wordsday- My Wife

  1. *Awwwww!*
    Good to hear you guys will be reunited real soon, and best of luck getting the visa issues sorted out immediately as well!


  2. Lovely mate. The mere fact that you even wrote your woman a poem is the special part. Good luck with going home with her man I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you. Bloody red tape. If I was in charge I’d see that two people love each other and want to live with each either and I’d just say go for it and here’s a toaster for you hehe.


      1. Hoping it’s all sorted out soon as well! Visa regulations are so complicated, don’t get me started. My visa ‘only’ took 16 months to be approved 😉 But at least I was able to stay in the country…


      1. I’m Canadian, and my husband is American. After we got married, the visa process probably took us 15 months from beginning to end for us to finally be together. It was stressful, but we made it and it was all worth it 🙂


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