How have You been?

Hello everyone,

I thought I should let you all know that I finaly got permission to go over to The Netherlands to live with my wife. We have been seperated since our wedding in March from the beginning of April till Thursday last week.

When we got word that I was allowed to come this side of the world, papers were needed so I could set up an appointment with The Dutch Consulate for my residency permit. These papers were to be originals and needed to come from Holland. My wife posted them and after it still had not arrived after a month she decided to bring me the coppies herself. For this I will forever be gratefull to her. She has always gone above and beyond for matters concerning us being together. I love you Milou.

So Milou landed on Thursday last week and we had set an appointment with the Consulate for early the next day. There was a chance that I was either going to fly out with her the following week or join her as soon as I got my passport back. I am extremely happy to inform you all that, as I am typing this, Milou and I are safe in The Netherlands. Tired but happy to be together.

We got a bit of bad news after getting off of the airplane. Non of our luggage made it to The Netherlands😡. I know I know, I should be happy that we made it safe at least, but in our three bags we brought over with us, about 20kg of it consists of my books…(I know, I have a problem🙈). We are hoping to hear within the next few days where it all went missing.

Appart from that, Milou and I had a few fun “last days in S.A”. I got to spend it with some family and friends and I was happy she could be close to me as I was doing my final greetings.

In Capetown we visited a few bookshops, had breakfast at a Steampunk inspired coffee shop, I got my first signiture in a book I will be talking about at a later stage, we had some beer tasting followed by a quick walk through of the brewery to name but a few.

For tomorrow, there is no Metal Monday scheduled, I have a back log of posts that all need working on, please bare with me. I still have two book reviews to start as well as a new E-ARC announcement that I will taking part in. Stay tuned folks!, Dave will be back shortly.

In other news, what have you all been up too? (I have yet to go through the mountains of posts you all put up since I was away, bare with me.

Have a great day🤘🏻

34 thoughts on “How have You been?

  1. Fan-freaking-tastic!!!
    However, about those missing books, have you called Interpol? Something as important as that sounds right up their alley. (What I know about interpol is the spelling and that is about it, ha!)

    If your back log of posts to read is too great, just skip them. Seriously. It is amazing how much we all can type up and blab about and STILL say nothing very important 😉

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    1. I agree that they should be easier. But yeah we have come this far now and just shows the love we have for one another, thanks for commenting/stopping by.


  2. Congrats on finally being able to be together! Having been through a similar journey, I am so happy for you both! My husband and I were separated for well after a year after we got married and I remember at the end of my consulate interview when finally they told me our application was completed, I bawled my eyes out 😛

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  3. God what a view.. it’s really great of you to follow your big love to The Netherlands, I hope you can adapt easily to the not-so laid back way of life as you might be used to (I could be wrong about this but Belgium is like this):-). Oh if you love metal, we have a well-known concert here known as Graspop Metal Meeting in June every year.. if you’re looking for a trip abroad :-). Good luck and hope to read more impressions from you in your first months here!

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    1. Ive lived here as an au pair in 2016 for a year I love it. SA is certainly not laid back… I was at Graspop in 2016🤘🏻. My then fianceé surprized me with a day ticket and it was awsome. It was also my first.

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