WeWo- Drunkard

Dear Guests/Friends,

It has felt like a whole while since I last did a WeWo. I don’t think it was that missed to be honest, seeing as they fare less well with likes and comments. Not that that this matters to me at all. I do WeWo (this is short for Wednesday Wordsday, for those new to my blog) mostly for myself. I have always sought a place where I could collect my poems all together. If I manage to influence or that a poem could give hope to some one that might be going through the same shit as I have, then all the better. Poetry is what I turned to in the Dark Times, it was what got me through some hefty shit, which I can now look back too and say, “damn, I was so stupid back then”. Then again, I had a very different mindset to what I have today.

So if you like these words I share from time to time, if they could help or resonate with you in some small way. Let me know please.

I would also like to share this:

These are almost all of my handeritten originals. I have tried to collect them as best I can, I have not counted to see how much I have written, thats part of why I am doing it on WP now. It will take me a while to post all of these. I might not even post all of them, some might be real personal, we will see…

What you will also see on some poems are some form of date. I used to sign and date most of the poems I wrote, so I could look back one day and say, “wow, I wrote that?”. I have not written any poetry that was any good in the last couple of years, but I would like to start tryin again some day.

On today’s WeWo I will share a poem I wrote 12 years ago. I was heavy into drinking at the time and I was young and stupid, trying to be one of the “cool” gang… It screwed me up, I screwed myself up, but today I feel I am a lot better. I still have a drink now and then, but I am not trying to set records as in trying to see how quickly I get pissed out my mind.

Hope it is oke…


I live by a thread.
On thin ice everyday, I tread.
Danger has no meaning to me,
it’s my daily bread…

I bump my toe,
stumble, its how it has to go.
I am no junkie,
its just hard to say no.

I wrote off a car.
Woke up six months later, only to find the closest bar.{*}
The problem is not mine,
its those’ around me- hardy har!

Another round in my hand,
I call the tender;
“Bring another Black Lable{**}”, I demand.
This craving I can’t surrender…

Savageddt © 8/10/2006

{*} not a true story
{**} Black Lable is a beer that has been my choise of drink from since I started drinking…

Have a great day

3 thoughts on “WeWo- Drunkard

      1. It’s all good to party once in awhile of course but when it causes you to lose so much. If I wouldn’t have numbed out my pain for so long I could have been possibly in a better situation now but we can’t think about the what ifs. I’m glad you and your wife get to cut loose and have a great time every once in awhile.😊

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