Dave Talks: Distraction Dinsdag

It has been a long time coming. I have thought about every possible name for this specific slot for my blog. I have finally decided! Ladies and Gents, welcome to Distraction Dinsdag. For those of you who are not familiar with Afrikaans, which is my first language, Dinsdag is Tuesday in Afrikaans. Why did I choose a word that did not go with English for Tuesday? Well? Why not exactly? This is my blog last time I checked, I can do pretty much all I like on here (apart from being a plagiarist)…

Your next question would probably be in the line of: “So what is this slot supposed to be Dave?”. The answer is simple, I have been struggling to get through my TBR list since last month. I have touched down on it in previous posts, but i thought I could elaborate on one of the main reasons.

Before I start though, here are three of my main distractions that keep me from reading:

Exhibit A: Sleep…
I have been known to get days where I just cant start up. If I could I would be able to do 24 hours a day at times. We are on our second day of holiday and I have not been able to stay awake for a total of 2 hours at a time… Maybe I am just tired from the amount of hours I put in at the the zoo the last two months, I am not even talking about the early hours I have to start in the mornings… Not that I hate it, it is something I got to get used too.

Exhibit B: Work…
We all have to make money to earn some kind of a living… I now work at the zoo along with my wife. My main job is to clean everything that happens to be a window. A zoo being a zoo has quite a lot of windows to go around… I have built up quite some muscle in the last two months as well as loosing about 22kg in weight… This is not from just physical work at the zoo, but also the fact that I now cycle almost every day to and from work, which is a total of around 20km a day. If I do not read when I get home it is most likely that I am too tired or I am taking part in Exhibit A…

Exhibit C: My Wife…
THIS WOMAN… I realy love this woman. Was it not for her I would never be as perfect as I am now…( I am joking of course lief, I know you are the perfect one). If I do not get to read it will be because we are traveling somewhere or spending time with one another. We also have or rather make time to read together, like right now as I am typing she will be finishing her next book…. But I promised a post at least every day this week…

There are probably a lot more things taking my attention away from reading. The above are but a few  I classify under the “life”title. The main distraction I would like to talk about is my addiction to gaming. This is my main problem I seem to run into at time. I thought if I could talk about it, I could over come it. I honestly do not see me ever being able to stop it completely, but never say never right?

So, in the future on Tuesdays, be sure to see a Distraction Dinsdag come across your radar.

Hope you are all having a great Dinsdag.


7 thoughts on “Dave Talks: Distraction Dinsdag

  1. How funny! Tuesday in German is called ‘Dienstag’, which is pretty close to your version 😀

    I bet you have a lot of sleep to catch up on. Moving to another country & starting a new job that is physically hard is a big deal. Good on you for cycling to work every day! I couldn’t do that 😀

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