WeWo- Street

Welcome to another WeWo people. It has been a while since I posted one of my poems. I have had some time to sift through my mountain of papers…
I can not truly say where the words for this poem came from, but I believe it had to do with an interaction I had with a homeless person. In South Africa we have a devastating percentage in the unemployment rate.

I believe my own perceptions at the time made for some underlining truths about myself that become apparent each time I read between the lines.


Found a man today,
his heart was heavy- had a lot to say,
never asked his name-
it occurs to me  only now,
it all made sense somehow,
sitting with no sense of direction,
struggling to understand affection,
there was a line that was drawn
but why?
Why cant he just let it pass by?
Why does he let it break the surface?
How will it be shown, what was his purpose?
Cracked were his lips-
tanned his skin,
burning these questions were: digging in,
I left- my mind dwelt,
I left –
no sense of  direction, I felt…

Hope you enjoyed. Have any thoughts? Let me hear them in the comments.

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