Blue October…

I have hit a reading slum of note lately, I have all these cool ideas, yet have very little time to get to actually sitting down and typing out/working on posts. I have been meaning to get further with my Distraction Dinsdag posts, but have been distracted by doing that thanks to work. I am not complaining, I need to make a living, yet at times I feel so drained when I get home I literally just sit and stare into space on the couch till Milou gets home. She works different hours than I have, I at least catch glimpses of her when we happen to be in the same spot at the same time.

I thought I could give an updated update on my reading so far this month, but it is embarrassingly low. I am 12% into my Netgally novel Animal in man. So far I have no opinion really as the story just hits the ground running. Apart from that I am struggling to get through one of the short stories in Citizens, due to it being American politics, which I don’t get in general, needless to say this is a future America I am reading about now. I have not started with my Manga of  The Scarlet Letter so cannot give any feedback on that yet.

Seeing as it is October and Halloween, I have also decided to try read some short horror stories. I am a fan of H P Lovecraft and have a Complete Works on my phone. I try get a few in now and then. I also planned on reading another Franz Kafka, but it might be a longer novel, we will see. I also have, or at least, want to try do Metal Mondays horror themed, yet the one coming tomorrow  will not be more on the sad than scary side.

I have also managed to score a Netgally comic that I am exited to get to read… I do not know how old I was when I saw this horror, but Pumpkinhead always stayed with me. Not headless horsman Pumpkinhead, I am talking:
“But Dave”, I hear you say,”that just looks like a shitty rendition of a xenomorph…
To which I will reply, thanks to my handy “Google Tool”:

Xeno on the Left, Pumpikins on the right…

Imagine my little freak out when I was granted access to this E ARC…

I must say it looks a bit Xenomorphy on the cover…

We will see how the month turns out. I hope I get to read some more. Starting in two hours I will have the day of Monday of. This post needs to go up now. Are any of you reading scary stuff this month?

“This is Dave signing out, have a good one ya’ll…



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