WeWo – Nightmare

Welcome to another Wednesday Wordsday. These posts of mine have become very scattered throughout the year due to how busy this year has gone. I try to post at least one a month, yet it does not always go according to plan.

Seeing as this is the last Wednesday and the official day of Halloween I thought I could share a poem called Nightmare. What this was about I can not remember clearly. As far as I can think, I had trouble sleeping for a few years and one night after a very profound dream these words came to me. I miss how easily the words flowed through me in the past. I feel I have lost all connection to that part of me. Sometimes when I look back at these poems I cannot believe that I wrote them. Is that weird? I do not know.

Hope you enjoy.


When silence gets so dense,
you can cut through,
When it gets so intense,
It deafens you…

When you hear your echo,
whispered through the trees,
when you can hear which way the winds blow-
picturing what your ear sees….

That is when you’ll find,
this is when you’ll hear,
where  the answers come from;
Behind your eyes,
shut so tightly from fear

You recognize why your heart has pounded,
in a chest
so softly surrounded….
You have just seen your fear,
passed your own personal test?

You find yourself in the wild,
you will go no further,
you’ll curl into a ball,
cry until you hear: “its ok my child,
there is nothing to fear at all”….

From what I originally wrote back in the day, I can see I edited this poem a bit from what I posted on a previous poetry site. In the second last stanza ,after surrounded…, I originally wrote: You have just fled your fears, you tried your best. I do not know why I changed it to what went onto the site.

Which one works better for you in your opinion? Have any thoughts on this piece? I would love to hear them.

Hope you have a good day.

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