November Plans…

Hi All, it is Wednesday, I have been looking at poems from my collection for WeWo, but have not felt inspired enough to talk about any specific one yet. I have decided to talk about my plans for reading in the month of November and update you all that I might be going quiet for the coming month. I am at the moment working my ass of and not getting too much time to post stuff. Up until recently I have done all my posting from my i-phone which took me ages to finish. I am currently using my wife’s pc. I feel it is a lot better and works a lot faster, but also has its drawbacks as I can get lost on the youtubes for hours on end when searching for songs to post on metal monday as well as play in the background while I type them out.

For the next month I will be reading False Gods by Graham McNeill as well as a short story collection called Citizens that I picked up and was planning on finishing in September, but you know, reading slumps…


I am well over halfway through this and really enjoying the story. Graham McNeill is definitely one of my favorite Black Library authors. It picks of from where Horus Rising left of. I would’ve loved to tell you all about it, but that would kill my review…


There are about 15 short sci-fi stories here, all written by not just well known authors, but also each one who served their country in the military. I am about 6 stories in. For my review I will be saying something small about each story, much in the same way as I did with Cabals of Blood by Richard Klu .

There is also another book that I was going to attempt to finish this month but it has turned into a DNF, which will be up tomorrow. I am kind of relieved yet at the same time would have liked to know if I would’ve felt good about it at the end of it. I will keep from sharing the said book here now. Check in tomorrow if you are interested. It will be up at 12 am Netherlands time…

I missed Metal Monday yesterday due to unforeseen circumstances, I am not sure if I should talk about it just yet. Will keep you all in the know when I know that it is allowed to be talked about.

WeWo and Metal Monday might take a back seat for this month as I am not going to have a lot of connectivity time.

I hope this will be oke and that you all will still be around when I get back.

9 thoughts on “November Plans…

  1. Graham mcNeill is definitely one of my favorite Black Library writers as well. He has written so many terrific novels: False Gods is certainly one of them. Can’t wait to read your review for it! 😊😊

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  2. The fact that you know life might be busy and you take the time to think of the consequences (ie, less online time) AND you let your followers know? That is the kind of person I want to keep following…

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