Galaktikon- Brendan Small


Written by: Brendon Small, Eric Powell
Art by: Steve Mannion
Cover Art by: Eric Powell

From Brendon Small, the man who brought you Dethklok and Metalocalypse, comes a high stakes intergalactic rock comedy. Based on his album, Galaktikon, we follow Triton, the galaxy’s greatest hero, who faces his greatest struggle: getting over his divorce…

I received an E-ARC through Netgally, this in no way influences my review.

Being a fan of both the Dethklok animation series as well as the albums by the same name, I jumped at the notion of some new content by the same creators. I initially thought this was going to include the famous metal gods up in space, but as it turns out, Galaktikon is a stand alone. You can read it without having to know of things that have happened before.

I had a lot of laughs reading through this. There are a lot of great ideas that was poured into this comic. One of the most original of these comes in the form of T1t5 (not to be read as tits…), the robot companion of Triton (our Hero), whose speech bubbles were in the form of guitar tabs (I will have a sample lower down in my review). At the start Brendan even gives you a tutorial of the components needed to bring T1t5 to life, this also can probably only happen if you happen to be a guitarist… I love the idea of the creators giving something extra for the readers.

Story wise we had a good plot and a lot of moral values comes to the fore. This comic exists because of Brendan Small’s solo project that came in the form of a album around six years ago. It also bares the same name as the comic. I am sad to say that I havent heard of it until now. I am also glad to say that I have just had a listen to the album and it has potential to make the play list…

Apart from the few things I have said about this comic without giving too much away, I gave it a 4 out of 5 on GR. Purely for the fact that even if its a bit bonkers crazy, it still drives home some good advice for our daily lives.

You all have to excuse me now, its my birthday today, I am about to go all Dangertits… Have a good one!


And to accompany me on the way will be this song from the album, hope you check it out too, I would love to know if this is your kind of thing…

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