Tales from Vigilus 02- Tainted Cargo


Tainted Cargo is the second short story in the Vigilus Defiant series. Our story has no hero or villain present, it is told by way of what some one is trying to make out of pict (video) recorder footage. On Dontoria Hivesprawl, Quadrant Alpha-Tertius, Litmus Dock, weird things have transpired and an Inquisitor is being briefed on what the pict technicians can make of it. It seems that an invasion has taken place in the form of Plague Marines.
WZV_Circle_Filler_04-330x467 I really like the art that come with these short stories…

Seeing as this is a nine page short there is really little to say apart from that I like what I am reading. The stories do not always have to make sense for me to enjoy them, I just love the setting that is Warhammer 40K. No matter what faction or decree gets page space, there will always be some form of battle or world building taking place. Tainted Cargo is one such example.

It is also not necessary to have read the the first installment in the series to know what happens in this one, because it seems as though they are not linked together. As a friend commented on my previous Vigilus post, this is a strategic world where everyone is going to be battling for the right of ownership. I like where these short stories are taking me…
Should you be interested in reading it yourself, you can find it here:
Tainted Cargo

To see the first installment you can go through my link over here:
Tales from Vigilus 01- To Kill a Dark King

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Suffer not the heretic to live…


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