Tales from Vigilus 03- Desperate Measures

Desperate Measures is a short story taking place mainly on-board Skychild, a heavily armed Imperial Aircraft with VTOL (Vertical Takeoff OLanding) capabilities, flying over an Ork infested battlefield. As lightly touched upon, I now know that Vigilus is a planet that is deemed very strategically situated as a base of operations, literally every faction in the current Warhamer 40K setting wants it for themselves…

Filler-4-330x333 Have I stated that I love the art of WH?

We see the story mainly through  Pilot Second-Class, Gereddan Ferne’s eyes as he is making a run at an ungodly large Ork contraption. He is also carrying a very vital crew with him, Space Marines from simply introduced as Reivers. They need to be air dropped in so they can effect maximum damage to the Big Mek.

Again, with all the shortness of this story, it was great to catch a glimpse from another faction. Reading these shorts almost makes me exited to seek out if there are already books set on this world. I love a good Marine vs. Ork mash up. Read it if you would like and have the time (took me les than 10 mins…). I also appreciate that I am reading it from diverse factions’ points of view.


+++ Thought of the Day +++
Only in death does duty end.


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