Distraction Dinsdag(Tuesday) #2

Dear Friends…

I finally have a chance to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Yes, like my post header states, I have been a bit distracted from posting anything since Tales from Vigilus 03- Desperate Measures on the 23rd of Dec… I have been trying, on more than one occasion, to try and get up to date with stuff. It has just been too chaotic over the Festive season. I commend every one that kept at it through the last 10 days leading up to the New Year.

I thought I would try take a look back at my 2018 and I have to say, it was rather a real busy one if I do say so myself. I got married to the beautiful SimplyaBookDrunkard , aka Milou. I moved from South Africa to The Netherlands, I started working at the same Zoo as Milou and I have made a lot of new acquaintances through work as well as improved on learning and speaking Dutch. Even though I understand all the words to the language itself, the grammar differs a whole lot more than my native Afrikaans. I have loved every moment of being able to finally live on the same continent as Milou as opposed to the 10000km we were forced to live apart the last 5 years. I do miss my family and friends back in SA, but now is my time to build a life with the one I love.


07862ac1-aca6-4946-a452-706b26613584 I also became Uncle, this is my niece Selene, coming to say goodbye to us at the airport after Milou and I visit SA for the last time. For the next few years our travels will be around EU mainly (work and cashflow permitting..)

My year in reading has been the highest ever, I have only been keeping track since 2012 but where 2012 had only 4 books in total, I reached 43 before the year ended jaaay me!!! I will try do a post on that later this week. I can say with great pride that I nearly doubled the books read as opposed to what I read in 2017. I hope to improve even more in 2019…

I am not one that really sets new years resolutions, seeing as I normally forget about it on the second day of the year already. What I do want to improve is better quality and quantity content on this blog, 2018 has been a very interactive year for me and I love the feedback I get from when my posts goes live. I am very thankful for every like and comment I get and I appreciate everyone checking out my posts from time to time. Let us hope 2019 will be even beter!

I have one last review I still need to write for my last book read in 2018 and I am already making some progress with 2 books that I have recently started. I hope January will be a good month for reading. Whar am I reading you ask?
rben Currently at 200 of over 600 pages, it is slow going but I read as much as I can stomach and then move away for a bit. There is a lot of history and culture to take in here. I like it a lot.

img_9666-1 Malleus is book two in the Inquisitor Eisenhorn series. I am about 16 pages in, the book starts with a short story that I do not yet know if it has anything to do with the main story or is just to give us a recap of all the characters from Xenos. We shall see…

I would also like to pick up posting Metal Mondays and Wednesday Wordsday again, it is a shame I couldn’t end the year of with a metal post, but I was not able to do so. Oh well, life happens as they say…

I hope every one will have a great 2019, I for one am looking forward to the next challenges that are in store for me. I still have quite a lot to do before I can call myself a Dutch citizen…

Here’s to 2018 ya’ll, lets see what 2019 holds for us, Cheers!!!



18 thoughts on “Distraction Dinsdag(Tuesday) #2

  1. Those are some great numbers! Going from 4 to over 40 in just 6 years? In athletic terms, you’d be hitting homeruns every baseball game! I hope you can keep the momentum going in ’19 and work out a pace of reading and reviewing that you can sustain for a couple of years 🙂

    What a year it has been for you indeed. Those are some huge life changes and I for one would like to thank you for allowing us to follow along. It’s been a great time looking on 😀

    * cheers! *

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  2. That’s awesome! You got married and moved to a whole new continent. I have a problem with language because the US does not teach language properly. So, I would have to literally move to learn something new.

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  3. Wow five years is a long time but a clear sign that if you guys can make a long distance relationship work then you’ll go the distance in life together. Always enjoy your posts man and I look forward to more this year!

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  4. All the best for 2019! I’m looking forward to reading your posts 🙂

    It’s nice that you managed to go back to SA at least once! And travelling in Europe is much cheaper & easier for you, it’s gonna be a lot of fun! And also, you can get all your friends & family from SA to visit YOU now 😉

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    1. Thank you! Yeah we will have to see about getting friends and fam over. At the moment i am not sure if we earn enough to be able to get visitors. Milou and I still need to aquire permanent jobs…

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