My 2018 in Books… Hold on this might be a long post…

Seeing as it is the 3rd of January I think it is safe to post about my reading activity of the past year. I did not do this at the beginning of last year as my blog back then was not even a year old (and I never got the time to do a post about it, was not going to happen on my phone…). I am happy I kept from doing that tho, because I can now give some raw data from 2017 and let those interested see how far I have come. I will start with giving the raw data and then list the books read by month. I am not sure if I will include links to all the reviews as this will make the post excessively long. Then again, fuck it, lets just do that…

Raw data collected from my Goodreads account:
Books Read = 27
Pages Read = 9076
Books Read = 28
Pages Read = 9261
Books Read = 43!!!!?
Pages Read = 12821

There’s it people… Dave broke the Page Bank this year… In my defense though, some of these “Books” I read in 2018 were also shorter and some comics(remember Coctober…?). I can remember not logging comics as “read books” back in 2016/2017 as I saw it as cheap and easy. Also In my defense though, I tried reading longer books this year to make up for that fact.

Lets talk about the months of 2018:

January was the month I was getting stuff in order to go over to The Netherlands in preparation for our wedding. It was a time where I had to say goodbye to family and friends for a time as I would leave on the 26th and only return to South Africa at the end of March. As a result of this and coming out of my December reading slump, I managed to read 2 books:
img_0035 The Doom of Dragonback- Gav Thorpe
karn  Khârn: Eater of Worlds- Anthony Reynolds

I remember starting the first book on my February list on the plane and really enjoying it a lot so I made short work of The Walking Dead. February was also the month Milou and I moved into our flat. It was a time of heavy lifting and getting rooms ready and D.I.Ying… I am not the worlds best D.I.Yer…, but we got stuff done and went on a little holiday for Valentines, I saw snow for the first time and also built a snowman. I did one book better than in January…
img_0752 The Walking Dead – Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore
img_1033 Horus Rising- Dan Abnett
img_1067 Gotrek & Felix: Lost Tales- Edited by Luarie Goulding

By March Milou and I were almost fully moved into our flat on the fourth floor. We painted and made it home, this was exiting and very tiring at the same time as it was also close to our wedding day. We were going through a lot of stress and last minute configurations to the actual day. Even though this was a very hectic month, it turned out to be my most productive reading month for the whole year. When the wedding was over it was like a mountain of of our shoulders. I read 7 books in total. Two of which were audio books and one audio drama, so technically 4 books then. The two audio books I did not do reviews of as these were played as we were painting and moving and I am planning on doing physical re-reads some time the coming year (these are the two Sanderson books).
img_1105-1 Angels of Darkness- Gav Thorpe
img_1129 Locke & Key – Welcome to Lovecraft
img_1134 Alien: River of Pain- Christopher Golden
img_1757 A Hunger Artist- Franz Kafka
img_1219 Dark Run (Keiko#1) – Mike Brooks

April saw me back in S.A and I fell into a reading slump again. I was stuck in Limbo, trying to find a job as we did not know how long it would take till I would be able to return to The Netherlands again. I managed to strike a deal with my old boss by the middle of April to work till we knew when I would go away for good. I read two books…
img_1907 The Prophet- Kahlil Gibran
img_1987 A Natural History of Dragons- Marie Brennan

During May I fell into the old groove of working 7 days in a row, it was spent going to work, coming home, showering eating, getting to bed and repeating. I fell sick for a few days and managed to finish 5 books in total. May was saw my first Netgally review and it seems like it was well received. I have since made use of a lot of reading material thanks to Netgally, I hope that I will have good luck with it this year as well. May also introduced me to David Eddings, whom I wont be reading any time soon again. check out the reviews if you want to have a chuckle. I guess negative reviews might be a good thing to look into as well in 2019. I am not saying I am going searching for shitty books, its just that I saw that giving an honest, honest opinion when something ticks you of is also enjoyed by many readers, some were even sympathetic towards me and that I find awesome.
img_1218 Cabals of Blood by Richard Klu
img_2038 Pawn of Prophecy- David Eddings
img_2113-1 The Mechanical- Ian Tregillis
img_1990 Peril In The Old Country- Sam Hooker
img_2101 Queen of Sorcery- David Eddings
In June we heard that I was allowed to go back to The Netherlands. Milou posted papers that took ages to get to me. These papers I needed to fix up my visa. In the end Milou flew down to come and fetch me herself (she brought a second batch of copies with and went to the embassy the day after I picked her up from the airport). A week later I had everything I needed and I could fly back with her. This happened near the end of June, before all that I managed to read another 6 books, of which one was a comic…
img_2102 Fiefdom- Dan Abnett and Nik Vincent
img_2149-1 The Rook- Daniel O’Malley
img_2553 Dark Sky (Keiko #2) – Mike Brooks
img_1988 Journey to the Centre of the Earth- Jules Verne
img_2216 Carcharodons: Red Tithe- Robbie MacNiven
img_2514 #Shadowman(2018) Volume1 Fear the Dark- Andy Diggle,Stephan Segovia,Ulises Arreola
In July I had to wait on my long stay permit. This would later entitle me the right to be able to work in The Netherlands. It was a month that very nearly drove me quite mad as I hate being limited because some entity has to decide over my life. It worked out well in the end, I was able to start working at the same zoo as Milou the day after I picked up the permit. I have not looked back since… Looking back now, getting into the swing of things put me back on only finishing 2 books the second of which was over 600 pages tho… I also finished the Keiko series by Mike Brooks.
img_1086 Dark Deeds (Keiko#3)- Mike Brooks
book eve Eve: The Empyrean Age- Tony Gonzales
August was a month that we had a record heatwave over here. The zoo was super busy and I was tired almost every day when I got home. I still managed 5 books, one of which was a comic.
xenos-small-1 Xenos- Dan Abnett
img_2880 All-New Wolverine- Civil War II- Various
th Nothing but Blue Skies- Tom Holt

If I thought August was a busy month, I had it wrong, September was a madhouse. I finished 2 books and had my first DNF, it was also well received so I will not hold back if I DNF another.
img_2978 # TheWinterRiddle #Sam Hooker
img_2974-1 Manga Classics- The Stories of Edgar Allan Poe
img_2977 Epidemic o/t Living Dead- John Russo (#DNF at 39%)
October I fell into a slump, it also inspired my Coctober post. Seeing as I have posted the link at the start I will only be showing the covers of those. If you would like to read the reviews, click the link at the start of the post. It was also horror month, so I went for the books I had on my phone, to make space for new books.
frat  Fraternity- Juan Díaz Canales, José-Luis Munuera

In November Milou and I went back to S.A. We also worked a lot of days prior to going on holiday. I only finished 2 books, I feel like I might be missing a book. Or was it Fraternity that we did a Partner read along on? I cant remember, seriously how long is this post?
img_2593 False Gods – Graham McNeill
citizens Citizens- John Ringo & Brian M. Thomsen (Editors)
Oh, we finally made it. December was also a busy month, we returned from SA on the 4th. We celebrated Sinterklaas on the 8th, it was also my oldest brothers birthday. Milou’s sister’s birthday was the 16th, mine was the 20th and December quickly ran out of days after that. Between working and sleeping, there was not a lot of reading I could do. I finished only 2 books. Crossfire I still have to write a review of, I did this as a buddy read and will be linking his review as soon as my own review is done…
galaktikon_cover Galaktikon- Brendan Small

And there we have it folks! What a year it was indeed! Through it all I have continued to build better connections with fellow bloggers. I loved interacting with everyone and I am looking forward to doing so again soon as I some time on my hands.

Hope you all have a great Day! Cheers!


16 thoughts on “My 2018 in Books… Hold on this might be a long post…

  1. That is great that you increased your numbers so dramatically. I guess you must be a stress reader since you read the most during your wedding month 🙂

    It also sounds like you’ve had some really good times for blogging and I trust that ’19 brings more interesting and fun experiences to you…

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  2. This was wonderful to read through! I think I managed to get into the 40s in my goodreads challenge during 2018, as well – hoping for a more productive 2019, but I suppose we’ll see! I find it funny that I also feel a bit like it’s cheating to add comics to the “books read” shelf, but they’re still books (as I keep telling my wife!)!! I think you’ve inspired me to do my own little look-back, actually!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yaaaasss glad to know i am the inspiration to something🙂. I would like to add a small word of advice. When linking another blogger’s to your post, use a physical post. I did not get a notification to your review of crossfire as the linking to my direct page did not notify me…


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