Metal Monday- Dethklok- Lasercanon Deth Sentence


Its 2019, it is Monday, time I brought back some metal… Metal Monday was originally inspired by Drew. In the year of me starting my own blog I frequently saw his posts every Monday and decided to follow suite. As I am not into most songs being played constantly on the radio, I decided to call mine Metal Monday as opposed to Music Monday, as I mostly rock out to metal…

Seeing as I had my life flash before my eyes yesterday when I fell of my bicycle on my way to work yesterday and now sit here stiff as a live corps suffering rigor mortis, I thought I would do a bit of a fast one.

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Dethklok is a vitual death metal band featured on the animated Adult Swim television show Metalocalypse, created by Brendon Small and Tommy Blacha.

With billions of fanatical metal fans who risk their lives to witness the sheer brilliance of Dethklok, the band is made up of visionary frontman Nathan Explosion, lead guitarist Skwisgaar Skwigelf, rhythm guitarist Toki Wartooth, drummer Pickles and bassist William Murderface. To offset the daily incompetence of the bands’ members, manager and lawyer Charles Foster Offdense assists the band in nearly all tasks from going shopping to maintaining social relationships. I loved the idea and some of the music to some of their scenarios are quite catchy. What I like about Lasercanon Death Sentence is how it starts with some chaotic guitar and blast beats as well as continuing throughout the song. The catchiest part for me is the chorus where the vocalist tries to imitate an actual laser canon. It is hilarious and fun, to me at least. The lyrics I am not to sure of, I believe it has to do with the episode that this song was introduced in. They play a concert in front of a Correctional facility and detonate convicts strapped to rockets with laser beams. Like I said hilarious to me…

Fire (x5)

Fly hard into the night
Strapped to a rocket ignited

Last meal sits in your body
Gasoline turpentine gunpowder glycerin

Last rites given to you
Genuflecting with a torch

Punishment outweighs the crime
Explode into the desert sky

Say your goodbyes
That was your life
You’ll pay all your penance
Laser cannon death sentence

D-d-d-d-d-d Die

I’m a rocket
A roman candle
A fucking missile
On my way to hell

I’m a martyr
A saint of sinners
And you will fear me in my death

There’s no one that can make me
Repent the things I’ve done

Evil is my prime objective
I explode and bestow your death

I’m a rocket
A fucking weapon
Of mass destruction
Destroy the planet
My lawyer fucked me
I won’t get pardoned
The devil waits with fear in his eyes

Seethe blood blazing the sky
Strapped to the mode of destruction

Cell-mates explode in front
Barbecued bone fragments bloodied face
Blistered skin

Last moments near you now
As the countdown proceeds
Punishment is your reward
Laugh as they collect your life

Say your goodbyes
That was your life
You’ll pay all your penance
Laser cannon death sentence

D-d-d-d-d Die!

One of the creators of Dethklok you might all know as I did a review on one of his other projects last year. Brendan Small also does the lead vocals for Dethklok. You can check out my review of Galaktikon- here.

I hope everyone is alive and well!


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