Tales from Vigilus 04- Amidst the Flames

I started this short story collection, available for free download from the official Games Workshop website, in the late days of December. My aim was to finish up all five stories so as to have some more content on my blog. Those that have been following me for a while now might have come to terms with my erratic posting schedule, but most of them know how taxing posting daily might be. I do not think I could pull out a post everyday. I do not read that fast. Hence my aim for finishing these short stories in December failed…

As apology for the mishap and the shortness of these posts I will once again include art work taken directly from the website. I do not do this to pass it of as my own, I am no where near as talent-full as the artists are on there. All rights reserved to them…
stry 4,1
Amidst the Flames takes place in a thermo-refinery situated somewhere on Vigilus. We follow Overseer Second-class Cullam Drebs as he is investigating potential misbehavior he feels might come from opportunistic laborers. As most of us know, stealing from the Emperor is deemed as an act of Heresy and the punishment for this is imminent death. Overseer Drebs might have bitten of more than he could chew I believe. As conducting an investigation in a thermo-refinery that is coincidentally also situated on the inside of a volcano can be de detrimental to one’s health…

What happens to Drebs I can not disclose nor give better light on as I do not have sufficient knowledge of what exactly is taking place on Vigilus. From my previous reads, it seems that every short story might be introducing a certain Hero or Villain class that we will meet (“we” loosely used for the people that play Warhammer and will be playing the Vigilus campaigns). What I like and I might have stated this in previous reviews is that I love getting to visit new places in the 40K setting. This was only a nine page short on my phone so if I say I would have wanted to know a little more is a bit of an understatement. I do not know if there are full novels written for Vigilus yet, if anyone can fill me in, please do so in the comments…

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stry 4,2

+++ Thought of the day+++
“Can’t take any chances. There’s a war on, after all.”

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