Tales from Vigilus 05- The Three Armed Gunfighter


Dear Reader,

As you are reading this post, we have just ticked of the 200th post on WP!!! I never thought I would have gotten this far. I had a different post planned to mark of this event, but it has gotten lost between switching from my phone to using my wife’s pc. I wanted to take this time time to thank you all for staying tuned in on Wordaholicanonymous, its been a blast getting to know some of you. I will try retrieve the data I had planned for the initial post and see if we can maybe do something special for that.

On to the review!
The Three Armed Gunfighter is the last ( I do hope not the least) short story in the Vigilus Defiant series over on Games Workshop’s official website. These stories are free for download and are real short (7-9 pages on my phone) glimpses into some lore and situations regarding what is going on on Vigilus.  I have had a lot of fun going through all of them and getting to  know the world. It is looking pretty Grim over there. I do not know if there are full novellas out yet that is set in this part of 40K.


The Three Armed Gunfighter takes us on a chase through the streets of one of the Vigilus many hive slums. Gedder Khole is being chased down by some Arbites for painting blasphemous graffiti on the walls. Graffiti depicting a mythical “three armed gunman”. Now, I for one, now know how anal Arbites can be if they catch a whiff of wrongdoers, but catching one in the act of executing all that is unholy in The Emperor’s eyes is a one way ticket to imminent death my friend… Gedder finds himself fortunate as the being that is only spoken of in whispers comes to his aid just before the Arbirtes can have their Duty Driven Death Beatings on him. Having Three arms means that an extra weapon can be carried and the mysterious Gunman makes quick work of the Arbites. But just as Gedder thinks himself safe the Gunman pushes him into a sewer and makes of. We are left with Gedder sensing something else there down with him, but what?!

Seriously, I would’ve loved to know. My guess is that this is either a mutant hunting to feed other mutants or this is a Tyranid Hybrid or a member from the Genestealer Cult. I think it might be the last one as I typed in the word on Games Workshop’s site and got this…

I’m counting three arms there most definitely…

Three Armed Gunfighter was another good short and I enjoyed getting yet another glimpse from a different perspective. I need to start getting clued up on all the things going on in 40K, but I can only read so fast…

If you would like to see what the other 4 stories hold in you can check the links below.

Tales from Vigilus 01- To Kill a Dark King
Tales from Vigilus 02- Tainted Cargo
Tales from Vigilus 03- Desperate Measures
Tales from Vigilus 04- Amidst the Flames

I hope you all have a great evening.

+++Thought of the day+++
Suffer not the unclean to live


15 thoughts on “Tales from Vigilus 05- The Three Armed Gunfighter

      1. Your wife just told me, on her post, about you both getting sick on your day off. Bummer!
        Hope you can balance work and everything else so it doesn’t happen again 🙂

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      2. We’re supposed to get anywhere from 25-60cm of snow this weekend. If we get the larger amount, I suspect my work will come to a standstill as well. I’d be ok with that. I’m tired 🙂

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      3. The zoo is open everyday through the whole year, i am on the cleaning part of the staff so they will always need a few of those. What is nice tho is that we work on a semi volenteering type of schedule. So if you decide that you cant come in, its oke. As long as you give the managers enough time to organise some one to fill your place…

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