#TheDaughtersOfSalem #NetGalley- How we sent our children to their deaths- Part 1- Gilbert Thomas


Colonial Massachusets, early 1690’s. When a young girl in a Puritan town rejects a farmer boy’s gift and instead slips out into the forest to dance with a young man from the Abenaki tribe, it sets off a chain of events resulting in one of the worst cases of mass hysteria in U.S. history, as neighbor turns against neighbor and friends accuse friends of the most terrible things. A fictional re-imagining of the Salem Witch Trials, in which gender politics, religion, xenophobia, innocent games of fortunetelling, and one man’s sinful indiscretion are all factors that lead to the deadly witch hunt.

Before I start with this very short review of this 100 page (on my phone), Netgally E-ARC, I would like to say that the fact that I got to read it free did not influence my opinion on  what will follow shortly. 

I have never been educated in the history of America or many events that have made it what it is today. I do, however, or rather, know about stuff here and there. The witch trials of Salem have made some appearances or I have heard mention of it on more than one occasion, but I have never went on to further educate myself on what exactly happened. When I saw this available on NG, I did not hesitate to request an ARC. I was hoping I would learn a thing or two and I did, but I would not say it was good education.

I consider myself an empathetic human being, I can relate to most cases on many aspects of life and on some rare occasions I can even join in on some conversations regarding certain events. What I do not get, or for lack of a better word, understand, is the EVIL that almost every human being possesses. Human kind should not be called human kind at all, we should be called inhumanes or something like that. Daughters of Salem just again showed me how quick things can go to shit when certain people think they are all that is right with this world or that they know better than the rest. I have no problem with Christians or Christianity, I have a problem with certain people within the circles of it all. I can get along with almost every one and I was also brought up a Christian, but somewhere something snapped along the way. I digress, I did not come here to shit on a graphic novel, I cam here to review my findings on it.


The art was done pretty spot on in getting the feel of what I thought a “Puritan” village would look like. I am not familiar with the term puritan, it always makes me think of the Amish for some reason. We follow the story of a girl that has to go through quite a lot after accepting a gift from some boy who fancies her. Nothing wrong with puppy love right? Well my friend, in a Puritan village that kind of thing is WRONG!!! A boy fancies a girl cause he wants to do stuff to her!!! Accepting a gift means you gotta give something back! If this was me I’d say F.U stepmom!!! So I got why the girl was angry, I also understood why she did not understand what exactly it is that she did wrong. But now all of a sudden she is seen as a grown up.

I do not exactly now about how the time flow was within this novel. I felt a bit lost at times as stuff happened that I did not see the reasoning behind. There is a lot of violence and nasty things said toward some women characters. I guess it was the way it happened in “those days”. I do not understand why some innocent girl would be stoned and trampled to death just because she happened to be Irish and a red head. Was it that bad “back then”? I do not know. I am happy tho that the women of today are free to say and think whatever they want in most cases these days.

I kind of feel like I am making a real bad attempt at putting this novel in a good view. I did not hate it, I hate the fact that this was something that happened in actual reality. The artist’s representation was that of his own as far as I know. I do not know if the people he used were or had the same names as those in real life. What He did get spot on in this graphic novel was showing me how quick we as humans can turn to violence and then hide behind faith and religion. It is sad and it hurts. That a novel can do that to me as a person speaks volumes…

My verdict on GR was a 3 out of 5. Seeing as this was volume 1, I might be persuaded to do a follow up of the rest and then give it an over all rating. I also think I should educate myself some more into what actually happened.

Hope you are all having a great day.


7 thoughts on “#TheDaughtersOfSalem #NetGalley- How we sent our children to their deaths- Part 1- Gilbert Thomas

  1. I really hope you do some actual historical reading of the trials at some point so that something like this isn’t your only view into that time. From the blurb, it’s pretty obvious the creators are juxtaposing their own modern values on something that took place hundreds of years ago. Their ideas simply didn’t exist and to hold the past to your own thoughts is a bit ludicrous. It is also pretty obvious that they are philosophically materialists and hence deny any supernatural. Which again, goes against everything that was believed at the time.

    Honestly, it would be like your grandson disowning you after he read this review in 50 years because you didn’t even fligglerate even once. What is “fligglerating” you ask? Who knows, but you didn’t do it, so obviously you’re evil incarnate 😉

    Sorry to go off like that. But this type of history re-writing, where the authors don’t even bother to understand the context of the time period, really bothers me. Mainly because it allows people now, and in the future, to re-write history with their own bias and to not even acknowledge that bias.

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    1. There was a note at the front from the creator saying this was his own interpretation. It was’nt done realy well and I will most definatly be looking into actualy, trustworthy facts of what went on. As far as i know this was another case of a priest using God to rid a town of some one he did not or could not get a liking too. Also, mob justice… its very sad thing to witness.

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