Hereticus – Dan Abnett


Hunted by his former allies as a radical and enemy of the Imperium, Inquisitor Gregor Eisenhorn must fight to prove that he remains loyal as he tracks down a dangerous heretic whom the Inquisition believes dead, the dread former Inquisitor Quixos. As he grows more desperate for victory, Eisenhorn uses ever darker means to achieve his goals, but how far can he go using the weapons of the enemy until he becomes that very enemy, and no different to the traitor he hunts? Also includes the short story Backcloth for a Crown Additional.

Hereticus is the final instalment of the original Eisenhorn trilogy. We follow the course of the book through Eisenhorn’s eyes from a first person perspective. By this time I am now semi very familiar with books written by Abnett and in first person point of view. When reading an Abnett one has to be patient and also expect the action to happen within the last ten to twenty pages of his novels (this is strictly from my point of view…). In Hereticus this was not the case…

The novel is set a few years after what transpired in Malleus. Greogor Eisenhorn has been taking things a bit easy since the last book, but it does not take long before we see him and all of his staff and friends’ lives being thrown into turmoil. Gregor is forced to go on the run for his life. This book read like a travel adventure just like the two books that came before it. Eisenhorn and crew have to go underground and try to figure out who it is that wants them all dead. This was probably the strongest book of the three for me.

Having read the Ravenor trilogy many years ago, I now understand what the connection between Ravenor and Eisenhorn is. I have even gone as far as to order the follow up to this series that further tracks Eisenhorn’s escapades and hopefully concludes his story. I have also read another book a year ago called Pariah, which also ties into this some how and I was glad to see how it all kind of fits all together. You can expect reviews of the Ravenor series as well as The Magos later this year. I am looking forward to re-reading one of the first Warhammer books I ever bought and read.

Regarding this current series, I feel like I might have over looked a lot of details in my previous two reviews for Xenos and Malleus and I will definitely be revisiting these three books in future. Dan Abnett has a way of leaving out plot that somehow just gets together in the end. It all just works… I do appreciate this fact now as we are reading a first hand account of some one who has a lot of secrets to hide so omittances are bound to happen.

Hereticus also lets us see how far a person will go to show they are fighting for the right reasons. Some of Eisenhorn’s choices were a bit stupid, but it only shows us how human he is. I got a glimpse into Eisenhorn’s dealings with Cherubael. I still find the deamon a weak enemy, but he is not the only enemy Eisenhorn has to face of against.

Hereticus, to me, read like a sight seeing action adventure. I gave it a 3 out of 5 on GR. I am not sure about this verdict just yet that is why I plan to do a re-read some time. I recommend this to fans of the series, fans of the Inquisition and the general public who understand their DUTY to The Emperor of mankind. I advise Heretics to tread very carefully as this book will put all your cultist asses in a bad light…

Have you read the Eisenhorn trilogy? Does this sound like something you would be interested in? Let me know in comments.

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I will also include Pariah- Dan Abnett for those that missed it and because it ties in with Eisenhorn.

Have a great day folks!

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11 thoughts on “Hereticus – Dan Abnett

  1. I loved this trilogy. May have to re-read it as I enjoyed it so much. But then, Abnett is just fantastic. Need to re-visit Gaunts Ghosts as well.

    Your recent reviews inspired me to get back into Warhammer 40k/fantasy. Currently listening to, and really enjoying, Dark Imperium audio book.

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    1. Which book in dark imperium is that? I have two physicals called astra militarum and sons of corax, not sure if they are stand alone. I am realy glad to hear that from my recent reviews. Seeing as i dont always think i do a good job with them…

      Liked by 2 people

      1. The book is literally just titled ‘Dark Imperium’ by Guy Haley. It is set from the viewpoint of Guilliman and shows first how he ‘died’ and the main plot is set in the 41st Millenium.

        You’re welcome. And thanks for plunging me back into a grim and dark far future.

        We all think that about our reviews. Sometimes I think I write too little and almost always feel I don’t say enough about the pros and cons of a book. Its our own writing styles, though. We are what we are.

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      2. Ill have to see if i can track that down sometime. But i wont be buying any books anytime soon. Just let the missus order our Valantines books🙂 I will be in possession of Abnett’s Magos soon as well as Fulgrim in the herecy series. There are a lot of 40K reviews to come😬 thank you for the kind words

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    1. He is irritatingly good in the way he writes. I try to read his work through the eyes of some one new to WH but sometimes he gets so carried away that i fear he might scared newer new people away🙈

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Yes, as someone who likes to write and sends things out to magazines from time to time, I do have to agree about DA. When I read his stuff I think to myself, “Fun read … I would never been able to write 40K stuff anywhere near this good.” I see what you mean about how he might not be the best read for a reader new to the universe though.

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      2. Ive had a few ideas for writing some 40k myself then i read some novels and I’m already put off by the idea… i got that nagging voice in my head sayin”you lnow nothing jhon snow”…

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