January recap – February Reading Plans

We made it through January, finally, damn what a long month it felt like. Work has been slow due to snow days and the fact that doing windows outside might cause them to crack. Due to the season being a quieter one meant that I had some more time for reading. I have also taken the bus to work on most occasions as I had a pretty big fall on my bicycle a few weeks ago. This also helped me read a little bit more (the bus ride is about half an hour), resulting in me finishing two pretty big books. I also read a few short stories just to help me when I could not focus on the novels.

Here is what my January looked like blogging wise:

The first of January happened to be on a Tuesday so I tried giving an explanation as to what happened during the last few days of 2018. Distraction Dinsdag(Tuesday) #2

I also showcased my reads in 2018, it was an impressive year if you know all the stuff I had to go through, giving a break down of each month: My 2018 in Books… Hold on this might be a long post…

My first review for 2019 went up on the 8th, this was the last book I finished before 2018 ended it was also a buddy read with fellow blogger Spalanz: Crossfire- Matthew Farrer
The next book review only took place 10 days later: Malleus- Dan Abnett
After that it took me right up until the last day of January to finish the last book review for the month: Hereticus – Dan Abnett

In between these days I reviewed my thoughts on some free short stories, these I meant to finish before 2018 was over but could not get around to it..:
Tales from Vigilus 04- Amidst the Flames
Tales from Vigilus 05- The Three Armed Gunfighter
I also reviewed two graphic novel:
#Bone Parish# Volume One #NetGalley- Cullen Bunn
#TheDaughtersOfSalem #NetGalley- How we sent our children to their deaths- Part 1- Gilbert Thomas
As well as post another Distraction Dinsdag

We also managed to have three Metal Mondays which I am happy with, two of them were book inspired metal, I love book inspired metal…:
Metal Monday- Dethklok- Lasercanon Deth Sentence
Metal Monday- RC- The Raven
Metal Monday- Caladan Brood- Book Of The Fallen

I also reached another milestone here on WP as I ticked over my 200th post. I still do not know how it has gone so fast, but I am happy that my blog seems to be going at some sort of pace. I have all you that comment and like to thank. I believe I did the same in the post as wel: POST #200!!!

All in all, January seems like it was a very busy one, even with it being so super slow. My reading plans for February can be summed up with the next few pictures:

Arai: The Masterpiece Volume 1:
I got this Manga of of Netgally and finished it this afternoon, you can expect a review landing any time soon.

The Count of Monte Christo:
This is another Manga Classics adaptation of a classic, I am about halfway through this four hundred page beast. I am liking it so far. I have had nothing but praises for these manga’s. They all make me want to pick up the original works. I do not know when Ill be picking them up tho, its not like I really plan my reads…

Soul Remains by Sam Hooker:
This is yet another Netgally book. It is also a follow up to a book I reviewed last year called Peril in the Old Country. I really liked it and hope I will have as much fun with this one.

That is pretty much my plans for February, its a short month so I’ll be happy if I manage to finish these three, maybe I can squeeze another book in somewhere, but we will have to see… Her name is Alta…

On a side note I would also like to wish my mom a happy birthday today. It sucks that I cant spend it with her but we will get a chance some other time. If you feel like it wish her happy birthday in the comments, so I can show her what nice people I know on here…

On another side note, I just want to let every one know that I have enjoyed reading all things January and new yearsey from everyone here on WP, I know I have missed a lot of posts, I will try catch up soon as possible.

Hope you guys have a great month!


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