The Empress Supplies…

Hi All,

Just a quick little book haul I wanted to show of…

The other day I went to Milou’s dad’s dentistry to have my teeth checked out. It is situated inside a hospital. I happened to pass by a bookcase they have there, this bookcase is being run by a non profit organization that take in books from any person who wants to donate their old books as well as try get other people to read them. Me being me could not help but give it a few glances. It works in this way that you can take as many books as you want, the idea is just that if you want you can return them when finished as well as maybe donate a few of your own. I find this a truly amazing initiative and plan on giving back as soon as I know which books can go. I picked up three books from here…


Who can say no to a free book? I know for sure I can’t… Even though I have never read a King novel, I feel it is about time I try. This book seems short enough, but has a little twist of its own as it is translated into Dutch… One of my goals this year is to try read more Dutch and if I can do so by temporarily utilizing books like these then I am going to go 100% for it. The other two books are also translated into Dutch.

De Toekomstbouwers ( Builders of the Future) is a short story collection by people I have read a little of during my trek through Citizens last year. I am eager to see how well my Dutch holds up to translated sci-fi…

Then I saw this one… Who has seen the movie 13 Warrior back in the day? I count it as one of my favorite Banderas movies of all time… I never knew there was even a book written about it, certainly did not expect it when I saw Crinchton’s name on it. This will also be my first Crinchton novel, I am exited to see if it is like I remember the movie or not…

Moving on to territory I do know…

Milou and I have a tradition of buying one another books for Valentine’s, she has the means of ordering any book (if the companies carry stock of them) and so I asked her to order me two ( it took a while for me to decide what tho…).

Fulgrim by Graham McNeill is book five in the Horus Heresy series, for those of you who have been following me for a while now will know I started this series last year. There are a shit load of books in this series and I have collected them over the years but not in the right sequence. I ended up last year with owning copies of the first three so decided to start the series so long, as most people have said if you read the first three you will know the gist of it. I plan on one day maybe owning the whole series… For now I have the first seven books in order on my shelf. Exited to start book three soon…



I recently finished the Eisenhorn trilogy and was left with a few questions unanswered. I thought I would plunge right into the next big thing then. According to Dan Abnett this will do just that. In his own words this ties all loose plots nicely together. It also contains previous unpublished short stories as well and a few I have read before, but would like to revisit again. Looking forward to this!

Have you ever heard/read any of these? Do they look like like something you would be interested in? Let me know below!

Have a great weekend all!

10 thoughts on “The Empress Supplies…

  1. Just be aware that the movie 13th Warrior is a bit different from Crichton’s book “Eaters of the Dead”. Been a long time since I read the book though (back in highschool I think?) so beyond the fact that I remember the movie being different, I can’t remember specifics. I really enjoyed the movie though 🙂

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    1. Let me know when you done the first three and we could do magos together. I see the first 300 od pages in magos are all shortstories that have been collected together, dan even states in the introduction that the were loose standalonish but he made them all tie in somehow…

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  2. I enjoyed The 13th Warrior as well, I’ve been thinking about getting another Crichton book (Jurassic Park) and might get Eaters of the Dead…depending on your review (no pressure 😉 ).

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