I do not even know how to name this post!!!!!

I had the audacity to request some books off of Netgally two days ago. For those who do not know me that well yet, I am a big fan of the Black Library franchise. These are the people that expand on the lore of what is Warhammer and Warhammer 40K, for those that do not know, Warhammer and 40K are massive tabletop games. I have never been to an event nor have I seen this game be played on table top. I do however own some of the PC adaptations. Used to own actually, as I do not own a pc anymore. I have collected many Black Library books in the last couple of years and I frequently show them of on this blog. The picture I use when I do these updates is the same logo Black Library uses on the spines of their books. It is all I look for when walking into a book shop. If I see no logo within the first five to ten minutes, I walk out, you can ask my wife, she has seen it many times…

Getting back to me having the audacity to request free books… I just got notified that I am allowed to read four, you read it correct, FOUR Black Library books. Thaaaaaanks Netgally!!! Also A huuuuge Big Thank you to Black Library for making this possible.

It goes without saying that my current TBR will have to change a bit due to the fact that the first book will be archived (digitally removed from my phone) on the 28th of February. This means I am starting a new book TONIGHT already. I am exited!!!!

“What are these books you have gotten Dave????!!!”

Sorry!! Let me show you. I will list them in the order that they will be archived in….

Warped Galaxies: Attack of the Necron- Cavan Scott
This is a series that Black Library has aimed at younger readers. They have thought as far as to try introduce it to a younger generation. A good marketing plan if you ask me, invest in your youth for your better future… I believe this will be a quick easy read as I do not need to be introduced to all things 40K. I see in the fine print that it also contains illustrations looking forward to seeing whats inside. As a bonus, Black Library also did this series in audio book form and it has been mentioned that the likes of David Tennant has given their voices over to the franchise as well. I might be reading this book and hearing Tennant’s voice in my head in the way I heard him on Broadchurch…

dark imperium
Dark Imperium- Guy Haley
Haley is one of my favorite BL authors and this book sees the return of a Primarch that might’ve been dead or lost, I do not know the full details yet, but I do know I still need to read how Roboute Guilliman died in the Horus Heresy series. Any how, spoiler alert, he didn’t… This is book 1 in the Dark Imperium trilogy as far as I know. This also will be introducing me to the new and improved Space Marines, called Primaris Marines if I am not mistaken. anyhow, I am looking forward to reading how Roboute did not die during the Horus era…

plague war
Dark Imperium Plague War- Guy Haley
Book two of the above mentioned trilogy… Seems Roboute and his band of not so merry Speh’s Mahreeens have got a lot of shit to clear up still. Whoohooo!!!

Soul Wars- Josh Reynolds
I actually stalk Mr Reynolds here on WP and I have been fortunate enough to not have been issued a restraining order yet. Soul Wars is set in the Age of Sigmar era. I have as of yet not read any AoS books yet, but I know enough to know that I can jump into this with the knowledge of what I have. I also have up until June to get more clued up should I feel so inclined. It centeres around Nagash, Lord of the Undead. I have an idea it might follow on

img_2217ย which I also own but have not read yet.

I have been looking for a reason to start this era of books, but at the same time been very reluctant to say bye to Old World Warhammer. I have asked Josh if I am allowed to tag him when I do book reviews here on WP and he has very friendly replied that I could link away. If I am lucky (and consider myself to have big boys balls), I might request an interview, here is hoping 2019 kicks of my author questionnaire sessions…

Have you heard of these? Do they seem like books you would be interested in? Also WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THOSE COVER ART????!!!! Let me know in the comments.


If my blog goes a bit quiet in the comming few weeks, please know that it will be due to me reading at a pace I do not yet know if I possess or not…

Take care!!!


29 thoughts on “I do not even know how to name this post!!!!!

  1. Nice one – looks like some quality reading you’ve got there ๐Ÿ™‚ Dark Imperium and Plague War are both excellent, I highly recommend them. Curious to see what you make of the other two, I’ve not read either yet. Must admit part of the reason I want to read Warped Galaxies is just to annoy all the daft people that moaned about it ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    1. I tend to ignore negative reviews and make my own decision. I also stay away from watching any promotional vids of upcoming movies i know i want to watch. Marvel movies in particular. I cant stand spoilers

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Same (especially re the spoilers, my lips are sealed on Dark Imperium and Plague War – beyond that you’ll probably enjoy them!). As for Warped Galaxies if the people fussing about it were criticising the content or quality of the work I’d have more sympathy, but they’re just upset that a 40k children’s book was written at all, and a lot of them got really upset over it which just seems ludicrous to me.

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  2. I don’t know how NG works on your phone, but on a computer you used to be able to download the books so you could read them later even if NG archived them. If that is still the case it might help you with not having to rush through these…

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    1. But i have this app called aldiko and kindle as well that i had to go to great lengths to register it on ng. So what happens now is you can only download it on the device that it is registered to on Ng. So they can keep track if you infringe on rights and stuff. So far ive kept it all legal

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    1. I started yesterday. I was surprised to see them on NG, but they werent available for request anymore. I merely wished for it and got the notifications two days later. Realy surprized i got it, i wasnt expecting it

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  3. I really like your big boy balls! Erm… Seriously though, that’s a fantastic move for the blog, and your selection is pretty great, too!! Looking forward to the Soul Wars review especially, as I’ve started playing Age of Sigmar this year but haven’t read any of the books for years!

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    1. I still havent read any realmgate wars or death of old world. But i think ill jump into soul wars with no prior knowledge and see how it pans out


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